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Hands On Review Roundup: The New Sony Alpha 9 III

Sony just announced the addition of the Sony Alpha 9 III to the line up of full-frame interchangeable lens cameras. This next-generation camera features a new global shutter image sensor, allowing you to capture all decisive moments with up to 120 frames per second high-speed shooting, distortion-free and blackout-free images, and flash sync at all shooting speeds. We’ve rounded up some of the online reviews for the new camera from around the web and dropped them below. Keep scrolling to watch and read what creators and reviewers are saying about the new Sony Alpha 9 III. Learn more about the Sony Alpha 9 III HERE.

We’ve rounded up some of the online reviews for the new camera – see what others are saying after putting it to the test.

Terry Warfield

"You press the shutter button and it rips off 50 photos by the time you even realize that you're pressing it. And literally every single photo is in focus, framed up and all that stuff. It's like a cheat code and it feels unreal." – Terry Warfield


“It’s absolutely going to change flash photography forever. You no longer have to buy some crazy 3,000W light. You're going to be able to get incredibly powerful strobe lights out of handheld strobes now because you can sync at 1/8000-sec. You’re basically just going to be cutting out all of your ambient light and accepting only the flashlight. So that’s going to change the look of photos. I’m sure people are going to be able to use this technology and create photos like we’ve never seen before.” – Lee Morris

Sidney Diongzon

“There’s a button here that allows a speed burst, so when you push this button, you can shoot 120 frames per second. BUT if you missed a shot on that first button push, there’s a thing called pre-capture where it captures frames up to one second back. So the fact that you can pre-capture an image before you push the button just ensures that you won’t miss the shot. So great for wildlife photographers, great for wedding filmmakers. But honestly I think this is a kick-butt video camera. 4K, 120, no crop, 6K oversampling when you’re filming 4K 60 frames per second. This is unbelievable.” – Sidney Diongzon

Taylor Jackson

“This camera, happy to say, no crop on 4K60 or on 4K120 which is pretty crazy. I’m also very happy about the megapixel range they put this in. I don’t need 50 megapixels like a lot of the more expensive cameras, the cameras that would be considered the flagship. For me, I would rather my cards go a little bit longer on wedding days. I know you can buy larger cards, but it does get expensive. And my personal preference when at a wedding day is to never actually take the two cards out of this camera. So they will just stay in there the entire wedding day. I’m not swapping them, I’m not putting them in a wallet.” – Taylor Jackson

“The Sony Alpha 9 III for wedding photographers, hybrid photo/video creator – this will be my Sony camera of choice going into this year.” – Taylor Jackson

B&H Photo Video

“It’s going to be very interesting to see what people do with this camera. Because once again, the fact that it is the first full-frame mirrorless camera with a global shutter means that we can start to see potentially just literally photography that we have not been able to get before in previous cameras, even high-end mirrorless ones.” – Nick Brigadier


“One of the things I find exciting is Flash Sync isn’t an issue anymore. Remember where you would have to go into High Speed Sync after you hit a maximum shutter speed on your camera? Not an issue here when the shutter is on and off in one instant instead of rolling.” – Seth Miranda

Jeven Dovey

"Something like a global shutter is just another tool in the toolkit, but it's a look into the future of where the technology is going with these cameras. That global shutter is going to open up so much more potential and just make it even easier to shoot in a variety of settings. For me personally, this is an awesome camera. It's no compromise, has everything that I could want out of a camera and I don't have to work about things like the image cropping in when I'm going into higher frame rates. And so this definitely could become a one-camera solution that could work in a variety of settings." – Jeven Dovey


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