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How To Set Up Your New Sony Mirrorless Camera

You just a new Sony mirrorless camera. Congratulations! To get you up to speed and making great pictures right out of the box, check out these camera setup guides:

New DSLR to Mirrorless Converts

If you're coming from a DSLR and this is your first mirrorless camera, you'll find that there are a lot of incredibly powerful features. As you start using the camera, there will be some differences from the look and feel of your old DSLR. We spoke with Sony’s Kenta Honjo to create a Quick Start Guide For DSLR Converts. Kenta walks us through several menu controls and how to set them to make your new mirrorless camera feel more like your old DSLR. The Sony mirrorless cameras are incredibly customizable and as you get more accustomed to yours and you experiment with the menus, you’ll likely change many the settings to match how you shoot. Click here to see the guide that will get you up and running comfortably in short order.


For landscape photographers, we reached out to Brian Matiash to create a setup guide and a companion video illustrating some of his most important camera settings. Brian details why shooting RAW + JPEG is so important to his, dive into how he sets up his custom buttons, and more. Brian uses his α7R II in the video, but the controls and settings apply to pretty much all of the α7 cameras. Click here to see the guide and watch the video.

Sports Shooters

In this video Sony Artisan of Imagery Patrick Murphy-Racey discusses how he sets up his Sony α6500 for shooting fast action sports. Murphy-Racey goes through the menus on the Sony α6500 and discusses the settings he changes and why he does so when he is shooting stills.

Patrick is using the new α6500, but you can apply these settings to most Sony cameras. Specific menu items will be in different places depending on your camera model. Click here to go to the video.

Also, pro landscape photographer Don Smith is also a photogrpaher for the San Jose Sharks NHL team. In this guide, he details how he sets up his camera for fast action indoors.  

Concert & Music Festivals

Music photography isn't easy. Lighting is all over the map, there are plenty of physical obstacles and the artists on the stage aren't going to hold still for you. We connected with Sony Artisan Chad Wadsworth to learn how he sets up his Sony mirrorless cameras for success. Click here to go to the setup guide.  



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