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Imaging-Resource Describes RX100 V's "Jaw-Dropping Performance"

Imaging-Resource has completed their rolling review of the Sony RX100 V. In the conclusions, Imaging-Resource's Mike Tomkins writes, “As we noted at the outset, it is simply unrivaled in the current camera market. No camera even remotely as small as this one can provide such jaw-dropping performance, let alone fit in a pants pocket as the RX100 V happily does.”

Noting the connectivity and ability to use PlayMemories Camera apps, they write,  “But be that as it may, we think Sony’s Wi-Fi implementation is among the best out there right now, and it’s a nice touch that the camera’s feature set can be extended using the PlayMemories apps in the first place.”

Of course one of the main features that differentiates the RX100 V from other cameras in the RX100 lineup is the speed. Being able to shoot 24 fps is a killer app and one that some have questioned as being overkill. Tomkins points out the key advantage of 24 fps and how it ensures that you get EXACTLY the framing and composition that you want. “Instead of coming home with just a so-so shot or two of the action, those 24 full-res frames each second will buy you extra chances at getting the great shot you were really after.”

And he continues noting the fact that you can shoot silently. “For the fifth generation in the RX100-series, Sony has clearly focused on performance. The Sony RX100 Mark V is simply unrivaled in this area: It can shoot full-resolution images at a truly staggering 24 frames per second, and that’s with autofocus and autoexposure adjustments between frames. (For bonus points, you can also enable silent shooting at this rate, so you won’t even distract your subject.)”

Between the speed and silent shutter, the RX100 V shares much of the special DNA of the new professional α9!


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RX100 V: The Pro Compact

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