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Instagram Follow Friday – Featuring 5 New Sony Artisans!

Today we’ve officially announced the addition of five inspiring creators to the prestigious Sony Artisan of Imagery program. Paul Nicklen, Taylor Rees, Jean Fruth, David Burnett and Nancy Borowick have joined the roster of ambassadors. Not only do these talented photographers have long lists of experiences and achievements, they also have some pretty rad Instagram accounts. Check out each and give them a follow!

Paul Nicklen – @paulnicklen

Sony Artisan Paul Nicklen’s Instagram account is filled with powerful wildlife photos and inspiring captions that educate his 5.3 million followers on the world around us. As the co-founder of @sealegacy, Nicklen is dedicated to helping protect our oceans through storytelling. If you’re not already following him on Instagram, let this be your reminder to do so!

Taylor Rees – @taylorfreesolo

Sony Artisan Taylor Rees is an adventure filmmaker and photographer who travels to different parts of the world telling stories she finds important. Her Instagram account provides the perfect snapshot of her work, while teaching her audience about these critical issues. Her intriguing photos and educational captions will make you want to know even more!

Jean Fruth – @jeanfruthimages

As Sony Artisan Jean Fruth’s Instagram bio reads, she’s a “traveling photographer for La Vida Baseball, documenting baseball from grassroots to the Major Leagues around the globe.” She posts a wide variety of baseball shots that show the game in all of its beautiful forms. If you’re a fan of the national pastime, following her account is a must.

David Burnett – @davidburnettfoto

Sony Artisan David Burnett has been a photojournalist for five decades, making him no stranger to covering the news and the people. His Instagram account is a fun mixture of photos regarding political, world and local news along with culture, entertainment and sports. Give him a follow to see what he’s been covering lately!

Nancy Borowick – @nancyborowick

Sony Artisan Nancy Borowick has told the intimate stories of people and places from every corner of the globe. She documents her various travels and adventures on Instagram, and you never know what she will come across! Give her a follow for an exciting mixture of culture and fun.


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