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Instagram Follow Friday – February 15, 2019

This week’s Instagram Follow Friday group features one Alpha Imaging Collective member producing striking portrait images and another capturing remarkable landscapes, a Sony Artisan Of Imagery posting dreamy photos of nature, a Sony street photographer snapping the hustle and bustle of China, and another Sony shooter who is also chasing down those stunning landscapes. Tag your own posts on Instagram with #BeAlpha and follow @SonyAlpha for a chance to be featured here on Alpha Universe!

Interesting perspectives and angles in his Instagram posts will have you asking yourself, “How did he do that?”

Hym Chu – @hym.1

Hym lives in Guangzhou, China and hits the streets with his Sony α7 II to capture the bustling city and its people. Interesting perspectives and angles in his Instagram posts will have you asking yourself, “How did he do that?” as you scroll through his account. You’ll also love his unique use of the city’s lights to highlight his subjects. Give him a follow for more.

Ari Weiss – @ari.weiss

Ari is a member of the Alpha Collective based in New York City. His account is mostly filled with bold and statement-making portraits. Whether it be in front of a wall, on a staircase or in the middle of the streets, Ari finds a way to make his portraits interesting and appealing. The photo below was taken with his Sony α7R II and Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master lens. Give him a follow – you might even recognize a few of the faces in his photos.

Silke – @si_koali

Silke is based in Germany and her photography is all about travel, culture and nature. When looking at her account, you can expect to see stunning landscapes from places like Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand and more. Always exploring and inspiring, her photos will motivate you to get out and see the world for yourself. This beautiful capture below of The Matterhorn in the Alps was taken using her Sony α7R III.

Karl Zoltan – @karlzoltan

Karl is another member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. His account is filled with mesmerizing landscape images from all over, each highlighting the various aspects of beauty in the natural world. He recently shared the gear he likes to carry around for such images in: What’s In My Bag: Karl Zoltan’s Lightweight Mirrorless Landscape Setup. This fun shot below looks up from the Yosemite Valley Floor and was taken on his Sony α7R II and Sony 12-24mm f/4 G lens.

Matt Kloskowski – @mattkloskowski

Matt K is a Sony Artisan Of Imagery and a leading educator for both Lightroom and Photoshop. He finds a way to capture incredible colors in the great variety of nature and landscape photos he posts to his Instagram account. He really enjoys helping other photographers navigate the world of photography and photo editing, so he’s a good one to follow and keep up with! Photo below was captured using the Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master lens.


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