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Join The Sony Alpha Community On TikTok For Photography, Filmmaking & Content Creation Tips

TikTok hosts an incredible community of talented photographers, filmmakers and content creators. Within this vibrant community, the creators generously share their work, offer valuable advice and uplift one another in their artistic pursuits. It's always a thrill to open the app and discover the latest creations and engaging conversations. Join this thriving community and explore the exceptional content produced by Sony shooters on TikTok. Don't miss the opportunity to follow @sonyalpha for a more enriching feed filled with Sony's creative content. Plus be a part of the community of Sony creators by checking out the Sony Alpha Universe Community Forums!

Don't miss the opportunity to follow @sonyalpha and other Sony creators for a more enriching feed filled with creative content.

Katie Steckly - @katiesteckly

Content creator Katie Steckly is a social media obsessed entrepreneur, part-time van-lifer, and travel enthusiast. Across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Katie has over 250K followers and subscribers. Her TikTok account is a great place for all things content creation. She shares information on gear, the dreaded algorithm, techniques for growing your accounts, how to make money, editing, and so much more. Katie is fun and honest, making her a great person to look to for inspiration, advice, and real talk on being a content creator.

In the video below, Katie is discussing how excited she is about the new Sony ZV-1 II. She says it’s everything she’s been looking for in a vlogging camera. She cites the wider lens and how it makes the shot feel more realistic, the new location for the tripod mount, and the automatic aperture adjustment when another person comes into frame. As a successful Youtuber, Katie knows exactly what she needs in a camera and says the Sony ZV-1 II fulfills all her needs.

Mark Munson – @markonthemove

Meet Mark Munson, an extraordinary photographer who effortlessly bends light and pushes pixels to capture breathtaking landscapes. On TikTok, Mark shares captivating behind-the-scenes footage and showcases the stunning results of his outdoor photo shoots. Armed with the Sony Alpha 7R IV, his trusty companion is the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master lens. Prepare to be transported as Mark skillfully arranges his mesmerizing videos, combining them with enchanting music, creating an immersive experience that makes you feel like you're right there, immersed in the awe-inspiring scenery.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a landscape photographer? Or maybe you’re dreaming about #VanLife? Then check out Mark’s video below, he shares “a day in the life of a landscape photographer.” He covers everything from food, to editing (with a particularly incredible view) to photographing two locations. This video is pretty dreamy and makes us want to ditch everything, buy a van, grab our camera equipment, and hit the road!

Simone Sharice - @SimoneSharice

Simone Sharice is a talented content creator hailing from Atlanta who actively shares her work across multiple platforms including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. With a substantial following of 425K subscribers on YouTube, Simone captivates her audience with a diverse range of videos that encompass fitness, beauty, travel, fashion, and the inspiring story of her transition from the corporate world to becoming a full-time content creator. Armed with the powerful Sony Alpha 7 IV and the versatile Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master lens, Simone effortlessly captures her videos and images with exceptional quality. Moreover, her TikTok presence is skyrocketing, attracting over 58K dedicated followers and expanding her influence further. Keep an eye on Simone as she continues to flourish and captivate audiences across her various platforms with her unique and engaging content.

Like many other creators, Simone is thrilled with the release of the Sony ZV-E10. And she’s sharing her excitement in the video below. She typically rents a camera before diving in with a purchase, but in this video she states that she’s so certain, she doesn’t need to rent it - she’s already ordering one for herself! She shares a few clips to show off the quality, and we were blown away!

Bea Chu - @beachutv

Bea Chu is a creative director, producer, and sound designer based in the Philippines. Bea became a full-time content creator during the pandemic and shares education content on TikTok and longer-form videos on YouTube covering audio, film, and tech. With a history in theater sound design, Bea is a great resource for all things film and audio production.

The video below showcases a simple way to improve your audio exponentially. Hearing the before and after test footage from the Sony ZV-E10 is bind blowing. By merely adding the Sony ECM-G1 Vlogger Shotgun Microphone, the audio quality improved by leaps and bounds. Bea says it's perfect for “beginners, vloggers, or anyone who wants a simple system that just works.” Learn more by watching the video below!

Ryan Formosa - @ryanformophoto

Ryan Formosa is an outdoor and adventure photographer who is passionate about exploring the great outdoors and capturing it along the way. His TikTok, YourTube, and Instagram share content on four-wheel-driving, camping, photography tips,  and whatever other adventures come his way. Ryan is based in South Australia and his work focuses primarily on commercial work with various brands. His TikTok is also a great resource for beginners looking to have their questions answered in simple, easy to understand, short videos.

In the video below, Ryan is talking about focal lengths and why photographers need to have different lenses. He uses three lenses to show images ranging from 12mm to 135mm. It’s a great example of compression and how the main subject looks. If you’re looking for more beginner friendly photography content, be sure to give Ryan a follow on TikTok!


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