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Last Chance To Win A Sony ZV-1 Vlog Kit...Enter The Sony Vlog Challenge Contest By Oct. 8!

You have until October 8 to join our global community and enter the Sony Vlog Challenge Contest. Entries are coming in from all around the world, and 10 winners will be chosen to receive a Sony Vlog Kit including the Sony ZV-1. All you have to do is showcase #What you’re passionate about, #Who you are and #Where you live. Don’t miss your chance to be on the global stage, see how to enter below and visit the official Sony Vlog Challenge Contest website for more.

How To Enter The Sony Vlog Challenge Contest

To enter the Sony Vlog Challenge Contest, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Follow the @vlogcamerabysony Instagram account

Step 2: Upload your video to your YouTube account (which must be set to Public) with the following conditions:

  • Add “Sony Vlog Challenge Contest” along with your What, Who, Where to the title of your video (for examples, go HERE).

  • Add the “Sony Vlog Challenge Contest” stamp and use it on the thumbnail of your video (click HERE to download the Sony Vlog Challenge Contest stamp).

  • Add your Instagram account URL to the description of your video. Your Instagram account must be set to Public.

The video should contain, include and will be judged based on the #What #Who #Where theme: 

What – Passion: What is your passion? What do you like to do?
Who – Occupation: What do you do? What is your profession?
Where – City: Where do you live?

For the official rules, click HERE.

Inspiration From Our Judges

Need some vlogging inspiration to get started? Take a look at the videos below to see how Brett Conti and Sidney Diongzon had their lives forever changed by vlogging. 

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