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Learn From Pros Like Brooke Shaden & Drew Geraci At Creative Space

Get ready for a virtual event unlike any other. December 5 & 6, 2020, Sony’s Creative Space is going online, and there you’ll have the chance to connect with and learn from some of the top pros in the industry. Attend online workshops taught by some of the world’s leading artists and creators, like Sony Artisans Brooke Shaden and Drew Geraci, and ask them your questions live during their Q+A sessions. Learn more about these two workshop instructors below and REGISTER for free access to all of the workshops, speakers, prizes, activities and more.

Click HERE to sign up for Sony’s Creative Space. It’s free! 

Brooke Shaden – ”Using Everyday Objects To Create A Conceptual Image”

Brooke Shaden’s workshop will walk you through how to create a conceptual image using everyday objects. Watch as Shaden uses objects found around the house to create images with story and concept. She will walk through the photoshoot and then edit the image to show how simple it can be to inspire yourself without a lot at your disposal. Learn more about Shaden’s approach to art in her #WhiteWallWednesdayPortraits series, check out her How-To Guide To Self-Portraits and watch the video below where she discusses how you can transform your photography business with storied branding. 

Drew Geraci – “Easy Timelapse At Home”

In Drew Geraci’s workshop, he will teach you the foundational setup and execution of shots that can allow anyone to create a solid timelapse video from the comfort of their own home. Get a head start by checking out the Sony Alpha gear Geraci uses for timelapse in his What’s In My Bag article, reading through his Pro Workflow for Creating A Timelapse and watching the video below for some of his top timelapse tips.


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