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Not Your Average Pet Photos: See How These Creators Make Frame-Worthy Images Of Furry Friends

Photographing your pets can be an unpredictable and challenging endeavor. Sure, you can bet that all pet owners have an endless number of their furry friends’ photos on their phones, but it takes a special skill set and gear setup to create something truly frame-worthy. Relying on the speed and autofocus of their Sony Alpha cameras and lenses, these photographers have created stunning cinematic shots of pets. Keep reading to learn more about the gear they use and make sure you follow their accounts for more of their work in your feed. Don't forget to follow @sonyalpha to see more outstanding work from our inspiring community of Sony shooters.

See how these photographers rely on speed and autofocus to create stunning cinematic shots of pets.

Lizzy Gadd – @elizabethgadd

Alpha Collective member Lizzy Gadd is known as a self portrait artist, creating magical images of herself that feel just out of a fairy tale. Gadd is deeply passionate about the outdoors and incorporates it into her imagery. And the image of her trusted pet, Pepper, is no exception, we feel like he’s about to embark on an adventure! Gadd gets to the heart of being a pet parent when she says, “There is seriously nothing like the loyal companionship of a doofus goofball. Here’s one of my favourite pepper portraits taken on a magical morning at my favourite lake.” Follow this animal lover and talented artist for more beautiful imagery in your Instagram feed.

Tiffany Nguyen - @tiffpenguin & @heylildood

Tiffany Nguyen is a California-based member of Alpha Collective. If you follow her globetrotting Instagram it might be hard to believe this adventurous landscape and lifestyle photographer who also teaches workshops around the world does a variety of commercial work for global brands, and when she’s not making photos, she’s a dentist! Check out the photos from her pup's account @heylildood and see her main account's IG Reel below which walks you through how to take better images of your pets! Nguyen uses the Sony Alpha 1 and Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master for the shots she took. You can learn more about her complete kit in What’s In My Bag: A Sony Alpha & Xperia Kit For High-Quality Content Creation.

Adriana Barriobero – @my.dolomitic.life

Adriana Barriobero is a creator whose work takes you along on a journey through the Dolomites, documenting and sharing the adventures with her pup. She captures awesome images like the one below with her Sony Alpha 7 III and says she takes the same approach for portraits of animals as she does for portraits of people. "That means getting at the same level as the subject with a relatively long lens and using a reasonably large aperture to help separate them from the background," she explains. "I don’t like to have an extremely short depth of field; I prefer the subject to have a context too." Follow her for more stunning photos and footage of their life in the mountains.

Lindsay Baca - @sitstaypetphotography

Lindsay Baca is a dog photographer based in Portland, Oregon who has been doing this for over 10 years. When it comes to photographing a dog's personality, Baca is an expert. She never fails to get stunning images of the dog smiling or running, or looking majestic. Baca’s go-to setup is the Sony Alpha 9 II and the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master lens, and you can learn more about her complete gear setup for pet photographer in her What's In My Bag article. Follow her account to see more cute pet photography – we adore the pup in this beachy scene below!

Splinter the Adventure Corgi - @splinterthecorgi

Who doesn't love a corgi? Splinter is a four-year-old corgi living with his 18-year-old dog mom Rozanne in Norway. He enjoys hiking, playing with the ball and food, while she enjoys documenting his adventures on her Sony Alpha 7 IV. The photo below uses a low angle to make the pup look heroic (we're pretty sure he feels heroic too). Follow for more photos of sweet Splinter as he travels around Europe enjoying the outdoors.

Katie Brockman + Caldwell - @adventuresofcaldwell

Katie Brockman is an award-winning dog photographer. She is also the loving dog mom to rescue Caldwell! Her Instagram account showcases her work and images of Caldwell. And occasionally, an adoptable puppy will make an appearance! We love the framing and composition of the image below. Brockman’s go-to setup is the Sony Alpha 7 III paired with the Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G. Follow for more shots showcasing those regal pups.

Chris Van Riel - @vanrielchris

Based in Zwolle, The Netherlands, photographer Chris Van Riel is known for photographing dogs in mid air. Leaping for a disk or running towards the camera, Van Riel is able to capture the motion in incredible detail using his Sony Alpha 9 and the Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master. You can learn some of his tips for photographing dogs in action HERE

Johanna Hoop - @johanna.hoop

Johanna Hoop is a German-based dog photographer. She makes dreamy dog portraits with her Sony Alpha 7 III. We love the variety of expressions she captures in her portfolio. The image below is truly cinematic. The fireworks framing the stunning dog seems like something out of a movie! She knows how to make any dog look like a super star, which is exactly what they are. Follow her if you love dogs and want more in your feed!

Mystisesti - @mystisesti

Mystisesti is a Finnish photographer with a focus on dog photography and videography. With her Sony Alpha 7 IV in hand, she captures precious moments of pups in stunning light. From soft portraits to flying through the air after a tennis ball, her portfolio includes it all. We love this backlit shot – the sand illuminated by the sun adds interesting elements to the frame. Follow her for more dreamy photos and footage of man's best friend.

Nikki & Emelie - @tollernikki

Photographers  Emelie 24, and pup Nikki 3, have taken Instagram by storm! Utilizing Nikki’s strong photography skills and Nikki’s adorableness, they have amassed quite a following. The pair is based in Sweden and uses the Sony Alpha 7 III to share their adventures. And we have to say, Nikki has really mastered posing like a model! Make sure you follow them for more cinematic shots of this sweet pup.


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