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Photographer Creates 2850mm Rig With α6500

Photographer Christopher Burress took advantage of the Sony α6500's ability to take just about any lens via an adapter and he created a massive 2850mm setup with a small Meade telescope. Attaching a telescope to a camera isn't a new idea. One thing that makes this experiment unique is that the α6500 has In Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) which makes the setup much more usable than it would be on a DSLR.

We like seeing photographers push a system to its limits (or beyond) to see what's doable. The IBIS has settings up to 1000mm. Burress' telescope is a 1900mm f/15 (equivalent to 2850mm on the α6500) so he's pushing the IBIS system far beyond its normal capabilities. You can see plenty of shake when he focuses and Burress uses a remote to trigger the shutter, but the resulting image is quite sharp. If you've ever used a telescope under less than ideal conditions, you know how difficult it is to keep a steady image, even on a solid tripod. Burress's tests with the α6500 look pretty impressive.


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