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Portraits With The Sony Xperia 1 & Xperia 5

The Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 contain some of the same advanced technologies found in Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras, making them a practical addition to any photographer’s overall system. In a video posted by DPReview.com, portrait and commercial photographer Brandon Hill tests the Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 during a portrait shoot. Working with model and athlete Krista Armstead, Hill captures portraits in a variety of scenarios to test out the phones’ high-speed shooting and 4K video recording.

As a portrait photographer, Hill is always trying to nail the eye so that it’s in focus every time. He first tests the phones’ eye autofocus for location portraits and says, “The ‘wow’ moment for me was how it could nail sharpness on the eye. It was pretty stunning. I’m a little curious to see how this can handle a studio situation.”

Next testing the phones in a studio scenario with hot lights, he photographs the model jumping on a trampoline while his team records BTS footage using Xperia's 4K video. “I think what blew me away is that the Eye AF is unbelievable,” says Hill. “I didn’t know that you could have that technology in a phone. I thought that was maybe only possible in a mirrorless camera, but the fact that it can track the eye and keep it tack sharp blew me away.”

See more of the Sony Xperia portraits by Brandon Hill at DPReview.com.


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A Photojournalist Tests The Sony Xperia "there are times when all I have is my phone..."

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