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Renan Ozturk Joins Jared Leto In His New YouTube Documentary Series

Great Wide Open is a documentary series directed and hosted by Jared Leto that’s all about celebrating America’s National Parks and those who explore them. In Episode 2 of the series, Leto joins filmmaker, photojournalist, climber and Sony Artisan Renan Ozturk in Yosemite. The episode, titled, ‘The Dirtbag,’ explores Ozturk’s draw to Yosemite and the part it’s played in the journey to where he is now.

“I am a dirtbag at heart,” Ozturk explains. “I was about 20 years old when I first came here. I think it was just a road trip when I was in college. I was studying science at the top and seeing not only this place, but Joshua Tree, Canyonlands, Utah, and I gave away all my belongings and just hit the road with a duffle bag and a backpack, just hitching rides from friends. And this is one of the places I came back to and spent a lot of time.”

Watch the full episode below:


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