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Review Roundup: First Reactions To The New Sony 20-70mm F/4 G

With razor-sharp image quality, high speed accuracy and tracking autofocus, the new Sony 20-70mm f/4 G is designed for a wide range of creators. A group of creatives and reviewers have had the opportunity to get their hands on the new lens to test it out and are sharing their first impressions online. Check out our roundup of reviews for the new 20-70mm f/4 G below. Learn more and order the new Sony 20-70mm f/4 G HERE

Find out what creators and reviewers are saying after getting their hands on Sony’s newest does-it-all G-series zoom.

Jason Morris

“I think one of the biggest pros of this lens is the close-focusing distance. It can focus crazy close. I absolutely love it. So if you’re into some macro shots, you can get relatively macro with these ones. Not crazy close, but for a 20-70mm it’s actually quite good because if you want to get close up on someone’s eye, you want to get close up on a watch, you have that ability with this lens.” – Jason Morris

“There seems to be a really big push toward trying to make these lenses really perform optimally not just for photography now but for video, because they are noticing that a lot of people are hybrid shooters and want to create some video content. And these lenses are absolutely suited for that because it has a nice, smooth focusing ring, they’re pretty much power focal, the autofocus is incredible when it comes to photo and video, and it’s just an all-around banging lens when it comes to photo and video.” – Jason Morris

Chris Brockhurst

“I’ve actually gotten some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken with this lens, some of which I probably will be printing. So if you’re looking for one lens to suit a variety of different needs for both photo and for video, you want it to be very sharp, you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you want it to be very travel-friendly – this without a doubt is what you need to be looking at. Just stop looking, it’s the 20-70mm f/4 from Sony.” – Chris Brockhurst

B&H Photo Video

“The 20-70mm f/4 G lens is a great option for any photographer or video shooter looking to hit that sweet spot of performance, affordability and flexibility. It’s one thing to have a lens with a helpful zoom length, or a lens with a constant aperture that can either be clicked or declicked, or a lens with two customizable focus lock buttons, or a lens that’s lightweight, portable and weather-resistant, or a lens that compensates for focus breathing and axis shifting. BUT a lens that combines all of those features ends up being greater than the sum of its parts, resulting in a powerful lens that, as we discovered, is also flexible enough to be the only glass you may need to bring with you on your next shoot.” – Nick Brigadier

DPReview TV

“What’s not to love about this lens? It’s compact. It’s optically good. I like the f/4 aperture. I mean frankly if this is a 24-70 f/4 that I was walking around with, I would have had a great day today. But the beauty is that I get that extra wide angle.” – Chris Niccolls

“I’ve had such a great time with this. I mean this is probably my favorite standard zoom I’ve used from Sony to date. Just really, really nice to have.” – Chris Niccolls


“It’s definitely one of my favorite lenses that’s been announced in a while. Just because I love the versatility, I love that it’s so compact. Affordability is really nice too. A lot of the time we’re reviewing these super high-end lenses so having something that more people are going to be able to enjoy makes me happy.” – Evelyn

“Yeah, and to get that down to that 20mm range you’d have to have a separate lens in the past for that. It goes even much wider than that, however I’m finding 20mm is really sufficient for a lot of wide-angle needs, especially as a walkaround. So I can see myself grabbing this lens and body combination a lot to go out and shoot just general purpose stuff.” – Dave

Lee Zavitz

“I think it would make an awesome kit lens to pair with any of Sony’s new full frame bodies. The image quality’s insane. It’s razor-sharp all the way through the zoom range and I was really surprised at how smooth the bokeh was at f/4 around that 50mm-70mm range. It’s also rocking two XD Linear Motors which is more of a G Master thing, but it’s nice to see that this lens is insanely fast and silent.” – Lee Zavitz

Sidney Diongzon

“This is actually a viable lens to keep in your camera bag if you want one lens to cover it all. Like that focal range kind of blows my mind and I wish this lens came out when I first started because this would be the first lens that I would totally get.” – Sidney Diongzon

Matt ‘WhoIsMatt’ Johnson

“If you are a brand new wedding filmmaker and you’re looking for your first lens to purchase that will be very versatile, and you also just bought a gimbal and you’re needing a lens. It’s going to work great on a gimbal as well. I think this new Sony 20-70mm is a very versatile choice that’s going to work great on a gimbal, great handheld, and give you a lot of flexibility when filmmaking.” – Matt Johnson

See more and order the new Sony 20-70mm f/4 G HERE.


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