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SLRLounge Reviews The Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM: “Nothing else comes close..."

In a new comprehensive lens review for the Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master, Matthew Seville of SLR Lounge says that “Nothing else comes close, in basically every category of comparison possible.” The in-depth review goes through a long list of pros (and maybe not even a single con, Seville notes) for the wide-angle prime. See more of what he liked most and why he says all roads lead to this lens:

Sharpness & Image Quality

“Not only is this lens very sharp, and capable of easily resolving the high-megapixel sensor of the α7R III with ease, it also exhibits amazing overall image quality, from the center to the corner.”

Coma & Astigmatism

“For me, this was definitely the most impressive aspect of the Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM’s optical design. Every wide-angle lens I’ve ever tried that is faster than f/2.8, has suffered from coma and/or astigmatism. The older Canon/Nikon 24mm’s are pretty old and not very good, and the newest option, the Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art, also has quite a bit of coma despite being extremely sharp in the center.”

“The extreme corners of the Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM are jaw-droppingly good, even on a 42-megapixel sensor. The coma “wings” are the faintest, smallest I’ve ever seen.”

Bokeh, Flare & Sunstars

“Check, check, and check. Bokeh is nice and smooth, and ‘busy’ things like contrast patterns, chain link fences, etc. are rendered as softly as possible.”

Autofocus Reliability

“Pair such a lens with Sony’s best autofocus technology as far as camera bodies are concerned, such as in the flagship Sony α9, and the overall autofocus reliability even in low light is better than anything I’ve never experienced in my entire career as a wedding & portrait photographer.”

The Final Verdict

“If you can afford this lens and are looking for a wide-angle prime for your Sony full-frame mirrorless camera, get it. If you can’t afford this lens, …keep saving! Nothing else comes close, in basically every category of comparison possible.

Although I’ve reviewed plenty of amazing, impressive lenses over the years, there are still very few times when something is so cut-and-dry as this. Usually, there are a handful of great, affordable alternatives that you absolutely should consider, if you’re on a budget, or if you prioritize one aspect of performance over another, such as sharpness instead of autofocus, or vice versa.

In this case, however, if you’re shopping for a 24mm prime lens on Sony, all roads lead to this lens.”

See the full review at SLRLounge.com.


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Hands On Review Roundup Of The New Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master Lens

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