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Sony α7R III Hands-On Reviews

The Sony α7R III has clearly struck a chord with a broad range of photographers. It's been named one of TIME magazine's top gadgets (their word) of the year and in addition to being named a Staff Pick for Landscapes, People & Events and Cameras Over $2000, it took the overall Gold Award at DPReview. And now, as the number of available review cameras is growing, the in-depth, hands-on reviews are coming in.

In mid-November a group of reviewers had the opportunity to try out the α7R III over several days in Sedona, Arizona. Photographing views of the beautiful landscape from hot air balloons and helicopters, shooting low-light astrophotography in the desert and capturing spiritual rituals that are a part of the energy of red rock country were just a few of the ways the reviewers were able to evaluate the α7R III's performance in varied conditions and situations. Here are some of the reviews from photographers who put plenty of mileage on the α7R III throughout the week:

Dan Watson

"Go ahead and mark this date in 2017 on your calendars as the day Sony Alpha officially overtook both Canon and Nikon with a full frame professional mirrorless camera. In just 3 generations we have watched the Sony α7R go from a cool concept with a few decent lenses to a professional powerhouse 4K camera with the glass to match."

"Mirrorless is now giving us everything we've come to expect from a DSLR and even more."

The Camera Store

"Over these three days I've really come to enjoy this camera in a really big way. More so than maybe some of the other α cameras. I think a big part of that is because Sony has really dedicated themselves to fixing a lot of the issues that the α7R II had to try to make this near-perfect camera."

The Phoblographer

"The Sony α7R III has the same 42.4 MP full frame sensor as the Sony α7R II, but the newer camera receives enhancements via the processor. At lower ISOs, there are 15 stops of dynamic range. At anywhere below ISO 400, I’m surely seeing that. For photographers who shoot landscapes, this is an amazing feature. But photographers who shoot a lot of high speed sync portraiture will also really fall in love with this feature. It allows you to pull out a whole lot of details."

See the full article at Phoblographer.com.

Steve Huff

"If I had to recommend a Sony camera today at any cost/any price if your budget is unlimited, I would say the α7R III is the best all around to get for so many reasons."

PhotoRec TV

"One of the big differences over the α7R II and the reason that I'm going to be upgrading, one of the main reasons, is the usability. This camera is so much more user friendly and much of that is due simply to the focal point selector. Being able to move that focus point around quickly and easily and having a dedicated button for it really makes this camera more usable."


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