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Sony α7R III: First Reactions Across The Web

At PhotoPlus 2017, Sony announced a blockbuster addition to the full-frame mirrorless camera lineup, the α7R III. The innovative new camera is equipped with a refined image processing system that allows it to shoot full 42.4MP images at up to 10 frames-per-second and it has both silent shooting capability and a mechanical shutter at the full 10 fps. After the introduction, the press had a chance to try the camera for themselves. Here are some of the first impressions from reviewers across the web as they share their thoughts on the new α7R III's performance.

Imaging Resource

"Sony's camera technology has been advancing at an incredible rate in recent years, and the α7R III is an impressive example of them leveraging advances made in one model to extend the life of other bits of their technology. In this case, they took what was already one of the best sensors on the market, combined it with advanced processor from the fastest full-frame camera (the Sony α9) to produce a new hybrid simultaneously having very high resolution and very high performance, particularly in its autofocus system." - Jaron Schneider, Imaging Resource

Dan Watson

"Sony's really pulling themselves away from the market from Nikon and Canon in so many ways. They just keep iterating their cameras and getting better. With that kind of auto-focus system, 5-axis image stabiliation and all kinds of stuff like that, the transition to mirrorless is going to be so easy now compared to what we're used to. There's really no downside at all and we're dealing with some incredible technology." - Dan Watson


"If Nikon thought it was going to have it all its own way with the D850, it should think again. Sony has taken one of our favorite mirrorless cameras and bolstered the performance to make the new α7R III a much more capable and well-rounded offering. The heady mix of high resolution and high performance is bound to help this camera appeal to an even broader range of photographers." - Phil Hall, TechRadar

The Phoblographer

"In terms of image quality, the α7R III is truly capable of some of the best looking images you are going to see coming out of a full frame interchangeable lens camera. Standard still images are gorgeous with outstanding dynamic range, tonality, and low noise. In the Pixel Shift mode you are able to get some of the most color rich and detailed images that we have ever seen, and while this feature is useless for wedding and action photographers – for still life and product photographers this feature will be go-to." -Anthony Thurston, The Phoblographer

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

"I'm liking this camera, a lot." - Chelsea Northrup


"When you want to be a little less obtrusive, you can even switch the A7R III into silent shooting mode while still keeping its 10 fps continuous shooting. And Sony isn’t joking, it is totally silent. Now for sports and action photographers, the α9 and its 20 fps continuous shooting is still the best pick. But for everyone else, this is the expensive Sony you should be looking at. I’d probably never be able to put everything it has to use, but that’s exactly what makes it so fun." - Sam Rutherford, Gizmodo.com

The Camera Store

"What we want now are cameras that are easier to use, that are functional, and that let us get the images that we want to capture. I do think the α7r III is going to succeed at that task. It is substantially faster. I like the improvements to the body. Although it's an α7R II body design, this really feels like an α9 I've got to be honest with you, so it feels modern and it feels current." - Chris Niccolls, The Camera Store TV





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