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On PetaPixel: Sony α9 Winning Over Wedding Photographers

Scores of reviews have come out for the Sony α9 in the realm of wedding photography. There was this one by Sony Artisan Paul Gero on why the Sony α9 approaches perfection for wedding and event photography, and this one about a wedding photographer making the switch to Sony. Then there was this one from Sony Artisan Robert Evans reviewing his α9 wedding debut.

The latest wedding photography review of the α9 is out on PetaPixel, and it’s being labeled the camera of a wedding photographer’s dreams. Photographer David Stubbs discusses his switch from Nikon to Fuji and how in reality, they just didn’t perform well enough.

Enter the α9, “Full frame, mirrorless, usable electronic shutter with silent shooting and no blackout. 20 frames-per-second and an autofocus system to die for, including face detection and Eye-AF. A Sony sensor (who makes sensors for Nikon) with great ISO noise and color rendition. Throw into the mix a flip screen, the best EVF on the market, two SD slots, a battery that lasts 2500-3000 frames, built-in stabilization, and all in a case not much bigger than the Fuji… this promised to be it.” 

“It is.”

Stubbs goes on to discuss the breakdown of the camera in detail, and comes to reach his verdict:

“What a camera. So, so good. This is everything a wedding photographer has been dreaming of. I can’t go back and shoot with an SLR now. Silent shooting, the best focus system, eye-AF, 32000th/s, in-camera stabilization, fantastic EVF, 20fps if needed, smaller and a lighter than a D4s (similar to D750), two SD slots. It’s expensive, but I conclude that this is the best digital camera available today for wedding photographers.”

Photo by David Stubbs. Sony α9. Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master lens. See more on his website davidstubbsphotography.co.uk


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