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Sony ZV-1F Hands On Reviews

Sony recently announced the new Sony ZV-1F, a camera packed with easy-to-use features and advanced video and still capabilities. A group of creatives and reviewers have had the opportunity to get their hands on the new camera to test it out, and their first impressions are rolling in across the web. Check out our roundup of reviews for the new Sony ZV-1F below and get detailed information about the new camera HERE.

See what content creators and reviewers are saying about the new ZV-1F camera.

Jenna Ezarik

I’d say I’m actually very impressed with the quality of this camera, and I have a lot of Sony mirrorless high-end cameras. But this is definitely something that is always going to be in my backpack or always with me when I’m traveling, because this really is an amazing camera for all levels, because they make it really easy to use. We do have the updated menu which you will see in the new mirrorless cameras, but we also have this touch screen, which is really convenient – especially if you’re filming yourself.”

Sidney Diongzon

“It’s easy to operate. This is going to be a really good studio camera, just to set it in the corner of your desk and just start recording right then and there. You can livestream with it using the USB port, no need for a video capture card or software, just plug it in and you’re ready to go. It’s just super easy to use.” – Sidney Diongzon


“Overall as you can see, it’s very lightweight. It’s a very good quality. If you’re looking for a camera for vlogging, livestreaming, using it indoor and outdoor without putting too many cables and accessories on the camera, I think this might be the camera for you.” – Sal D’Alia


“Now why I think this camera is so special is the fact that it has a 20mm focal length. Which is, when you’re holding this up, that’s enough focal length to get yourself in the frame. And that is something that I’ve always struggled with because a lot of the cameras that I have, they’re usually like bigger lenses. And you are able to actually get your full face in frame with this. When I’m watching a video or filming, I want to see the whole person in frame.” – Justine Ezarik

Gemini Connect

“The best new feature on the ZV-1F is Shot Mark, which lets you cut down your video to 15-, 30- or 60-second increments to expedite editing and getting that video off your camera and onto your smartphone.” – Suzi Pratt


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Sony Electronics Expands Vlogging Line-Up With New ZV-1F Camera

Video, Vlogging & More With The New Sony ZV-1F

Get A First Look At The New Sony ZV-1F

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