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See Why This Camera Is Taking TikTok's Creative Community By Storm

The recent announcement of the Sony ZV-E1 has stirred up a lot of conversation in the Sony community of creators. Across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and the Sony Alpha Universe Forums, photographers, filmmakers and vloggers are talking about this small camera packing a big punch. From its lightweight and small body size, to the limitless lens possibilities and high quality video for filmmakers and vloggers alike, the Sony ZV-E1 is breaking the boundaries of what we thought a camera could be. Join the conversation on TikTok by checking out the creators below!

TikTok creators are posting about the new, small Sony camera that packs a big punch.

Andy Zhao - @andyescapes

Andy Zhao is a content creator sharing his work on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. He has amassed a following by sharing his travels with stunning visuals. He also shares tips and tricks on filmmaking, photography, and content creation in general. In the video below, he is testing out the animal eye autofocus on the Sony ZV-E1. And we have to admit, we’re glad that puppy was in focus so we could clearly see how adorable it is! 

Sagi Shilo - @TechGearTalk

Sagi Shilo is the voice behind Tech Gear Talk, a brand that shares product reviews and demos plus video and photography tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Sagi creates detailed and straightforward reviews to help you make informed buying decisions. He’s reviewing the Sony ZV-E1 in the video below. He states, “essentially, you’re getting A7S III-quality footage from the smallest full-frame camera on the market. It also has a unique set of smart features that are helpful to beginners and advanced users.” 

Srod Almenara - @srodalmenara

Srod Almenara describes himself as a tech geek and owner of a content agency who is passionate about sharing his love and knowledge of tech with others. On TikTok he shares tons of reviews, examples, and inspirational content. We love the video below where he showcases the color grading footage shot on the Sony ZV-E1 SLOG-3 at 10bit. 

Emilie - @helloemilie

Emilie is a photographer and Sony shooter who travels the world making breathtaking images of the scenery and nature she sees. We love her pastel color tone and dreamy vibe. She tested out the Sony ZV-E1 on a recent trip to Japan where she filmed the cherry blossoms. In the caption she states, “The colors are stunning and the flip-out screen made it easy to get creative with compositions. The wide ISO range allowed me to shoot in a variety of lighting conditions, from blue hour to the bright sunlit skies to the soft pinks of the blossoms at dusk.” 

Kyle Watts - @kylewatts43

Kyle Watts is a TikToker, YouTuber, Filmmaker, videographer, photographer, audio engineer, music producer and adventure vlogger. On his TikTok account Watts reviews video and audio gear as well as teaching  techniques to help people become  better filmmakers, videographers, photographers, or audio engineers. He also shares little vlogs to showcase gear and techniques. The video below showcases the incredible footage he produced with the Sony ZV-E1


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