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iJustine’s Favorite Features On The New Sony ZV-E1

The new Sony ZV-E1's high performance 35mm full-frame image sensor provides creators with the ultimate AI-powered video creation experience. Pro vlogger and content creator iJustine took the camera for a test spin, and in this video she shares which features are changing the game for those ready to enter the world of content creation. “You’re basically getting a high-end full frame camera in a smaller, compact, lighter size with AI settings.” Watch the video below and see a breakdown of the vlogger's favorite features that are perfect for what she does.

The vlogger and content creator takes the new camera for a test spin and shares which features are her favorite for her work. 

Product Showcase

In the video iJustine tests the Product Showcase feature on the Sony ZV-E1, calling it an “unboxer’s dream.” If you’re familiar with her content, you know she’s always showcasing products and this feature allows her to have a fast focus on whatever she is holding. “When I hold up an item, it focuses on it so fast.”

Background Defocus

Having that background bokeh is a shot that many vloggers like to get, and iJustine says she’s also a big fan of it. With the Sony ZV-E1’s Background Defocus feature, newer content creators can easily get that blurred background look without having to know much about changing aperture. “I really love that bokeh look that you can get with a lens when you turn the aperture all the way up, but with this, it does it automatically. So you don’t even need to mess with any settings.”

Cine-Vlog Feature

Another feature found on the Sony ZV-E1 that iJustine says she likes is Cine-Vlog to help give your videos that cinematic flavor. She tries some of the color variations to show the different customizations you can create to give your video its own unique style. “It turns it into Cinetone footage and it also makes it wide screen and 24 frames per second. Then when you go in this gives you some different types of flavors of Cinetone, so this is auto color-correcting your footage to give you a really cool look.”

Full Frame Lens Choices

Because the Sony ZV-E1 has that full frame sensor, you can use Sony’s lineup of full frame lenses. She chooses to attach the Sony 20-70mm f/4 G zoom to the camera, a lens she says she’s absolutely obsessed with. “Because this is a 20, this makes it almost like the ultimate vlogging lens. Because this is a 20mm that’s going to give you a much wider view when you’re vlogging.”

Options For Steady Footage

Who doesn’t love options for steadying your footage? iJustine goes through the various stabilization modes to help create steady footage depending on what you’re recording. She tests Standard Steady, Active Steady and Dynamic Steady, with each she says making sense for different situations. 

AI Auto Framing Option

Another feature iJustine tests is the camera’s AI Auto Framing, which tracks your subject to keep them in the center of the frame no matter how much the camera moves. “It seems like the magic of this is it’s cropping in significantly so it’s giving the camera a lot of space to keep you in the center. And it just knows…it just knows that you should be in the middle of the frame. I’m so impressed.”

Microphone Directivity

iJustine knows the importance of having good audio for your vlogs, and the microphone in the Sony ZV-E1 allows you to choose which direction is best for what you’re filming. “What’s cool about this,” she explains, “is if you turn it on Auto, it will automatically detect where the microphone should be pointing. So say I’m out filming some scenery or just filming something and I’m talking about whatever it is that I’m looking at, the microphone will automatically detect that I’m behind and that’s where the microphone should be directed.”

XLR Hot Shoe

The other thing iJustine likes about the camera is that it does have an XLR hot shoe so when you take off your mic’s windscreen you can access it. “You can use any of the Sony XLR hot shoe compatible devices. Microphones - we’ve got plenty! Now with the XLR hot shoe, why this is so great is you don’t have any other cables you can just plug in a microphone and there you go. You automatically have a microphone that’s attached and your camera will recognize it.”

AI Focus Feature: Multiple People In Frame

Another useful feature for iJustine is the AI feature that will recognize when two people are in the frame and auto-adjust the aperture so that both are in focus. You can see in her demo how it works to automatically focus. “If I would have had this when I first started vlogging,” she says, “I don’t even know!”


A self-timer is always a welcome feature for vloggers, and the Sony ZV-E1 has one ready to go for you. iJustine tests it out in the video. “You can set a timer for 3 seconds, 5 seconds or 10 seconds and you can have this be repeated or only once.”

Slow & Quick Mode

The camera’s S&Q mode is another one iJustine points out as her favorite because she loves to create timelapses. “I’m not going to lie, for the longest time I didn’t know what that stood for,” admits iJustine. “It stands for Slow and Quick. This will give you a really quick way to be able to jump into slow-mo videos or timelapses.” After using it to shoot a timelapse, she loved how simple and easy it was.

See more of iJustine's videos on her YouTube Channel.

Learn more about the new Sony ZV-E1 HERE.


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