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Summer Deals Are Here – Save Big On Select Sony Gear!

Summer is here and so are the savings. Now is prime time to save on select Sony gear, with some of our lowest prices EVER – like $500 off the Sony Alpha 7 III. We also have some new deals you’ve never seen before like $100 off the Sony Alpha 7 IV and $100 off the Sony ZV-1F and that’s only the beginning. If you’re in the market for a new camera, lens or accessory, you’re going to want to take a look at our complete list of promos. See a snapshot of some of the current promotions below and view the complete list HERE.

Sony Alpha 7 III – Lowest Price Ever!

The Sony Alpha 7 III is currently $500 off and at its lowest price ever. This dependable favorite wraps excellent image quality and 4K video into one package and is a super solid option for the hybrid shooter. It’s the perfect camera for a broad range of photographers, videographers and other content creators, and its compactness combined with its low light capability makes it particularly popular in the field. Read more about this fan-favorite camera in Alpha Spotlight: Why The Sony Alpha 7 III Is A Dependable Favorite and get yours today HERE.

Save Big On Lenses

There is a long list of Sony lenses on sale as part of our summer savings. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of reach, size, and a constant f/4 maximum aperture, the Sony 70-200mm f/4 G hits the sweet spot, and you can get it now for $300 off. 

If you want to take things up a notch or round out your Holy Trinity, you can currently get $200 off the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master. This classic favorite in the lens lineup remains a top choice for astrophotography, landscape photography…and just about everything else! Read more about other creators who are using the lens in Alpha Spotlight: Why This Wide, Fast Zoom Is A Favorite For All Photographers and add it to your kit today HERE. The savings don’t stop at 16-35mm…there are many other G Master lenses currently on sale as part of our summer savings – see the full list HERE.

Sleeper Cameras To Consider

If you’re ready to take an APS-C for a spin, check out the Sony Alpha 6600, which is currently $400 off. With the Sony Alpha 6600 you’ll get excellent image and video quality, including lightning fast autofocus and 4K video.

If you’re looking to step into the world of full frame, consider the Sony Alpha 7C, a sleeper camera that’s small, light, and with all of that full frame power. You can currently get it for $200 off as part of Sony’s summer savings. This one has been a favorite among vloggers, videographers, street photographers and more for its compactness and performance. Want to know more about the Sony Alpha 7C and hear from other creators who have used it? Check out Alpha Spotlight: A Portable & Versatile Powerhouse Of A Camera.

New Deals Never Seen Before

Get excited…because our summer savings also feature new deals you’ve never even seen before like $100 off the Sony Alpha 7 IV! The Sony Alpha 7 IV is a great camera for the hybrid shooter. You can find it jam packed with outstanding image quality and evolved video technology with advanced autofocus and improved workflow.

Another new deal you’ll find is $100 off the Sony ZV-1F. If you’re in the content creation game, this is a dream camera for your kit! It’s a great way to take things up a level from your smartphone. It has a wider focal length and features like Face Priority Auto Exposure that are great for vlogging. Learn more about the camera in Video, Vlogging & More With The New Sony ZV-1F.

Accessories, Bundles & More

You’ll also find a number of accessories currently on sale, and for those into content creation, we recommend checking out the different microphone options. You can get $50 off the Sony ECMAW4 Wireless Microphone, $30 off the Sony ECMW2BT Digital Bluetooth Wireless Microphone and $20 off the Sony ECMXYST1M Stereo Microphone. There’s nothing worse than bad audio in your vlogs and videos, and using one of these will give you crystal clear sound that’s a joy to watch. Learn more about Sony microphone options in Bad Sound Is Unwatchable-This Is The Solution.

There are also a variety of bundles on promotion that include Sony Alpha cameras, Sony lenses, Sony Xperia, accessories and more. CLICK HERE to visit the Promos Page for a complete list of summer savings.


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Alpha Spotlight: Why The Sony A7 III Is A Dependable Favorite

Alpha Spotlight: A Portable & Versatile Powerhouse Of A Camera

Alpha Spotlight: Why This Wide, Fast Zoom Is A Favorite For All Photographers

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