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The Cold Never Bothered These Photographers Anyway

As winter approaches, we start feeling inspired by blustery weather and snow flurries. While this can make it challenging to motivate yourself to get out shooting – we’ve found that the winter season can lend itself to fantastic visuals and beautiful light. Check out how these YouTubers make the most of storytelling in winter conditions, and see what Sony gear they take with them on expeditions. Just keep in mind that traveling to remote corners in difficult weather can be dangerous, and shouldn’t be done without proper knowledge and preparation. For more inspiration and visual awesomeness, subscribe to Alpha Universe YouTube Channel.

Check out how these YouTubers make the most of storytelling in winter conditions, and see what Sony gear they take with them on expeditions.

Allison Anderson

Allison Anderson is a travel photographer, vlogger and member of the Alpha Collective. She solo travels the world and captures the beautiful moments she experiences along the way. On her YouTube Channel you'll find videos that provide helpful tips for traveling and give you firsthand accounts of the places she visits and the gear she uses. In the video below, she’s on a winter hike in Washington State, which turns out to be quite an adventure! She shot this vlog with the Sony Alpha 7S III.

SeaLegacy (Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier)

Sony Artisans Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier are co-founders of the nonprofit, SeaLegacy which uses imagery and storytelling to protect the ocean. Much of that storytelling is shared through their YouTube Channel. The SeaLegacy channel is a fantastic way to learn about the ocean and conservation efforts while being inspired by the premier filmmaking techniques Nicklen and Mittermeier use. The awe-inspiring video below features footage from Nicklen’s time in Antarctica paired with music created by award-winning composer Marcus Goddard and a solo by celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma along with musical contributions from forty artists from 18 orchestras from around the world.

Cody and Victoria

Cody and Victoria are filmmakers, photographers, and outdoors enthusiasts living the mountain life. Their YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing adventures, cinematic films, and all things that fit their outdoors lifestyle. They have become quite popular for their cinematic vlogs, where they share their adventures with their filmmaker's eye. In the video below, they partnered with Mazda to head out on an Arctic adventure. Throughout the video, you see stunning landscapes under a blanket of snow. The pair shot this on the Sony Alpha 7 III and the Sony 24-105mm f/4 G.

Cecilia Blomdahl

Cecilia Blomdahl is a content creator who lives on Svalbard, an arctic island close to the North Pole. She’s originally from Sweden but moved to Svalbard in the middle of polar night and she immediately fell in love with it. She worked a variety of odd jobs until she got her first videographer job. Now she works as a full time content creator. Her YouTube documents what it’s like living in the high north, in such a remote area. She shoots her content on the Sony Alpha 7S III and the Sony Alpha 7C. Check out her channel for all the winter vibes!

Benjamin Hardman

Benjamin Hardman is a landscape photographer and natural history cinematographer based in Iceland. He has a niche in and a deep passion for documenting the lands of Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and Antarctica. His YouTube channel is full of vlogs, cinematic videos, and conversations about all things photography-related. In the vlog below, Hardman is on a wildlife expedition in Svalbard. Check it out and see how he uses his Sony Alpha 7R IV to capture images of the pristine snow covered landscape and the Arctic wildlife.


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