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See How These Photographers Capture Vivid Fall Colors

There is nothing quite like seeing a vibrant pop of color on the landscape. The glows of orange, yellow and red as the sunlight shines through the leaves. Fall brings with it stunning colors smattered throughout the season and the photographic opportunities are endless. Check out how these Sony photographers capture fall colors. And make sure to tag your Sony photography posts with #SonyAlpha and follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of Sony photo inspiration.

Fall brings with it stunning colors smattered throughout the season along with endless photographic opportunities. See how these photographers have captured it. 

Sapna Reddy - @sapnareddy

Sapna Reddy is a physician, nature photographer, and member of the Alpha Collective. Her Instagram account is filled with brilliant landscapes from all corners of the Earth. She is an expert at showcases the colors of the landscape and graphic shapes. The image below, from the Eastern Sierras of California are no exception. We love the warm fall tones against the blue of the water. Check out what Reddy brings in her camera bag to make these epic landscapes HERE.

Renee Hahnel  – @reneeroaming

Renee Hahnel is an Australian based in Seattle and works as a full-time travel photographer and blogger. She's also an Alpha Collective member, and her Instagram account features some of the most beautiful natural scenes in the world. She is known for epic adventures and outstanding colors in her imagery. Her account will make you want to start traveling full time. When out on an adventure, Hahnel typically shoots with her Sony Alpha 1

Nikki & Emelie - @tollernikki

What’s better than a photographer - dog duo?! Swedish photographer Emelie has an Instagram account dedicated to images of her furry pup pal, Nikki. And after just a bit of scrolling through the Instagram feed, you’ll see why. Nikki is an adorable little model and Emelie uses her Sony Alpha 7 III to capture her beautifully.

Galena Staroselsky - @photogalena_

Galena Staroselsky is a landscape and adventure photographer based in Gunnison, Colorado. She works full-time as a Lead OSP Design Engineer and spends most of her free time traveling to the mountains, oceans and deserts to camp, hike and capture landscapes. She is well-known for using vibrant colors in her images, making them visually appealing. We love the composition of the image below, with the trees reaching up like hands towards one another. The bold yellow pops against the blue sky, making them stand out against the background. Learn more of how Staroselsky creates bold images HERE.

Elizabeth Stahn - @elizabeth_stahn

Elizabeth “Liz” Stahn creates images that bring out the emotions of child-like wonder. Stahn is based in Minnesota and specializes in images of children. She’s also a member of Click Pro Elite. We adore the colors in the image below. The scene paired with the child’s expression certainly tells a story. Be sure to check out her account and give her a follow.

Roberto De Simone - @roberto.de.simone.photography

Italian hobbyist photographer Roberto De Simone has a special passion for capturing images of sports, mountains, and adventures. He tones his images on the bluer side, creating a similar look throughout his Instagram account. The image below from the Italian Alps is stunning. The contrast of the orange against the blue water and mountainside is gorgeous.

Ally - @mywanderlustmutts

Photographer, content creator and dog mom Ally has a fun Instagram account dedicated to sharing her dogs adventures. Based in Asheville, North Carolina Ally’s professional photography focuses on lifestyle, adventure, and brand imagery. She has a great eye and with her Sony camera in hand her images really pop. We love the shot below of this candid moment with her furry friend.

Michael Forsberg - @mforsbergphoto

Member of iLCP Michael Forsberg is a conservation photographer based in Nebraska. Forsberg founded a multimedia initiative known as the Platte Basin Timelapse, which uses photography, video, and written storytelling to educate people about their watershed. Forsberg is also currently working on photographing cranes as part of a larger project. We love the image he made below with his Sony Alpha 1. It’s a unique look at the changing colors. The abstract shapes made by the water really draw the viewers eye into the frame.

Matt Stirn - @MattStirn

Photographer and archeologist Matt Stirn travels around the world photographing history, culture, and conservation stories for outlets including National Geographic and the New York Times. When not jet setting around, he is based in Wyoming - that’s where he took the image below, at his family’s dude ranch: R Lazy S Ranch. The composition of this image is fantastic. The “v” shape made by the elk and the framing of the colored leaves gives a real sense of place and emotion to the image. 


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