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Fall Into Autumn: Watch These YouTubers & Get Ready To Capture Fall Color

Fall is officially here and we’re already gearing up for the leaves to change and to capture those amazing fall colors. We love seeing images of the bright orange, red and yellow leaves from Sony shooters, and we love it even more when they vlog about their experience on YouTube. Pull out a chunky blanket, a cup of tea, get cozy and ready for fall by watching these fall color videos on YouTube. Don't forget to subscribe to Sony Alpha Universe on YouTube for more photo and video content.

Pull out a chunky blanket, a cup of tea, get cozy and ready for fall by watching these creatives who capture fall color on YouTube.

Renee Hahnel – Renee Roaming

Renee Hahnel is a travel photographer, vlogger and a member of the Alpha Collective. Her channel is all about her travels and outdoor adventures, including hiking, backpacking and road trips in her camper van. She captured this gorgeous footage during fall in Switzerland, subscribe to her channel to keep up with her next outdoor journey.

Gabriel DeSanti

Gabriel DeSanti is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, director and YouTube vlogger. In this video he’s recently upgraded his cameras and is testing out his new Sony Alpha 7S III for the first time. By the end of the vlog he says he knows the upgrade was well worth it. We love his editing style and the tone of his vlogs. Plus, we love the scenery in the video!

Tag Team Dream

Tag Team Dream is a YouTube channel run by husband and wife duo Cody and Rachel. They travel around the world and document their adventures on their Sony cameras and share it on their YouTube. In the video below, they woke up at 5am to go photograph fall colors in Utah on the Sony Alpha 7 III. The resulting images are included in the vlog and we think it was well-worth the early morning! Check out their channel and subscribe to see more of their adventures.

Manny Ortiz

Manny Ortiz is a portrait photographer and Youtube content creator currently based in Chicago, IL. He’s well-known for his creative lighting and his portraiture. We love this fall photoshoot because the viewer watches it through the viewfinder of his Sony Alpha 7R III! This allows the audience to experience the shoot exactly as Ortiz did and see how he composed the shot, what his settings were, and how he worked with the model. Check out his channel and subscribe to learn about lighting and photography techniques.

Federica Fotografa

Federica is an Italian professional photographer. She shares personal projects and behind the scenes content through her YouTube channel. We love this cinematic short she shot on her Sony Alpha 7 III with the Sony 35mm f/1.8. We love how peaceful it is and the stunning location.


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