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The Power Of Authenticity: Watch Episode 2 Of Facing Creativity With Brooke Shaden

In Episode 2 of Facing Creativity With Brooke Shaden, the Sony Artisan is joined by Bryan Clavel, also known as Privilege, a fine art photographer and performer who uses photography to put queer stories at the forefront of the narrative. In this episode, the two explore how creativity has been a tool to language their identity while creating an empowered image that inspires the idea of home and living authentically. 

Sony Artisan Brooke Shaden sits down with Bryan Clavel, a.k.a. Privilege, to explore the power of living your authentic self.

Discussing the power of taking exactly who you are into different spaces, the two delve into the concept of home and living authentically. “You as an individual,” explains Clavel, “will have homes everywhere. You’ll have homes wherever you decide to place it.” 

“It seems like the idea of home is really the idea of honesty and truth with yourself,” adds Shaden. “And if you can find that place of true honesty where you’re not denying any part of yourself, then it makes sense that you can fit anywhere but you’re also a complete individual that doesn’t compare to other people, that doesn’t necessarily fit into places. You simply exist in places comfortably. And I think that’s the goal isn’t it? To feel comfortable with yourself and with your identity.”

Next we witness their creativity spring into action when the two join forces for a beautiful photo shoot. While reviewing the images, they reflect on the idea of living your authentic self and Clavel leaves us with this solid advice:

“Give time, time. Language develops organically and inevitably. Even if you can’t language for yourself right now, who you are, if you can’t find the strength to say the words…it will be fine. It will be OK. Just know that there is another side. I like to consider that I am both wilting and blooming at the same time. I think through my practice I give myself permission to fall apart and fail constantly, and through that I also get to rebuild every fraction of my being, give genesis to new versions of myself…and there is so much joy in that rebirth. Identity is a constantly changing thing, and therefore to know who you are forever is an unattainable concept.” 

Previous Episodes

Episode 1:

In Episode 1 of Facing Creativity With Brooke Shaden, the Sony Artisan sits down with radiologist, nature photographer and Alpha Collective member Sapna Reddy to talk about photography, duality & managing multiple passions.

Stay tuned to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for more.


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Exploring Photography & Duality In Brooke Shaden’s New YouTube Series, Facing Creativity

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