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What Creatives Are Saying About The New RX0 II

As Sony announced the addition of the RX0 II to the popular compact camera lineup the creatives are already talking about it. With internal 4K recording, an adjustable LCD screen that tilts upward 180 degrees and downward 90 degrees (and even works underwater) and new image stabilization solutions for video recording, this world's smallest and lightest premium compact camera packs a punch. See what the creatives are saying about the camera that can go places no other camera can.

Creatives weigh in on the new RX0 II with internal 4K recording and tilting LCD screen.

Sara Dietschy

Vlogger Sara Dietschy takes the RX0 II to the skate park tried for vlogging and gives the Imaging Edge Moving Edit add-on app a try.

Justine Ezarik (iJustine)

iJustine talks through what she loves about the new RX0 II and takes it along on several of her adventures, capturing the colorful poppy fields in California and more.

“It’s so inconspicuous that when I was out vlogging nobody thought twice. It’s just so small that no one’s going to think that you’re recording high-quality content on this, but surprise, you are.”


In this video, he takes the RX0 II through a number of tests and gives us a look at the new Imaging Edge Movie Edit add-on.

Jenna Ezarik

Go through a day in the life of Jenna with the new Sony RX0 II. In this video, she tests the camera’s underwater capabilities, takes her RX0 II vlogging setup on a hike and more.

Jason Vong

Jason runs through the new features of the RX0 II that he’s excited about. Check back to his channel, he’ll be putting the camera through its paces in Hawaii next!

“Thanks to the latest processor the RX0 II can record 4k internally, and boy is it clear. And the battery life is pretty good for a compact size camera like this one. I was able to record almost 50 minutes of 4k before the battery died.”

Louis Cole (FunForLouis)

Alpha Collective member Louis Cole (@funforlouis) takes the RX0 II to Varanasi, India for the Holi Festival. See how the compact powerhouse captured the colorful event.


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