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What’s In My Bag: Katrin Eismann’s Essential Walkabout Gear



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Many photographers love complicated camera equipment and the more dials, settings, and accessories the better and I respect the time and attention that they give to their equipment. Personally, I appreciate straightforward, high-quality camera equipment that celebrates the ‘form follows function’ credo – photo equipment that allows me to concentrate on composition and creativity and does not get in my way.

Enter the Sony RX1R II, a compact full-frame camera that is a great carry with me everywhere camera especially in the crowded New York City streets and subways that I wander in and out of every day. More importantly than its compact size and finger logical button and dial layout is the one photographic requirement that I will not compromise on – image quality.

35mm f/2 lens

The stunning 35mm ƒ2 lens. I am not a prime lens diva and work with plenty of zoom lenses, but the sharpness of this lens on this camera is simply groundbreaking. To insure optimal sharpness Sony calibrates and micro-adjusts every single lens/camera body combination with obsessive precision. I love the ‘old school’ ability to control the aperture via the lens ring with its satisfying 1/3 ƒ-stop increment clicks. Finally the lens can be used in the 0.3 meter to infinity range or with one twist as a striking close-up lens that focuses from 0.2-.3 meters (approximately 8-13 inches) and an elegant combination of sharpness and depth of field falloff.

Ultra-High-Resolution Sensor...Low-Pass Filter Switched Off

The full-frame 42.4 MP sensor with the ability to turn on or off the dynamic Low Pass Filter, which I personally have turned off to insure the sharpest possible image. Although the great majority of my images are presented on social media, very often I need to make high-quality prints and these files create stunning large format exhibition quality prints.


The EVF – electronic viewfinder that is with all Sony camera allows me to keep my eye ON the camera practically all the time. I cannot photograph with my glasses on, but I cannot see a camera LCD screen without my glasses, which creates a frustrating juggling of glasses on/glasses off scenario. The EVF allows me compose the image, access the camera menus, and review the images all while keeping my eye on the viewfinder, which helps me to not miss the important.

We all know that the best camera is the one you have with you and I agree…as long as I have the best camera with me – one that is compact and delivers on ease of use and image quality – this one!


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