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What’s In My Bag: A Filmmaker's Run-And-Gun Sony Alpha Kit

My name is Timmy Lodhi (@timmylodhi). I’m a filmmaker based out of San Francisco with an emphasis on outdoor travel films, music videos, documentaries and anything that gets me excited. I prefer a run-and-gun approach to filmmaking which means that I always need to have the right equipment ready to go at any moment. Simple, durable, and high-quality. These are the things that I look for in camera equipment.

See how San Francisco-based filmmaker Timmy Lodhi stays nimble with one body, one lens and a few select accessories.



Sony α7 III:  I was very excited about the α7 III when it was announced. As an avid user of the α7S II, I was astounded by the low-light capabilities and the quality of the 4K footage. It was a no-brainer to upgrade. (Note: On July 28, 2020 Sony will announce the much-anticipated α7S III. You can watch the announcement LIVE here on AlphaUniverse.com.)

Having a camera that is so compact and easy to use while delivering footage that could be mistaken for a cinema camera is everything that I want in a mirrorless. As someone who spends quite a bit of time color-grading my projects, the ability to shoot SLOG2 plays a huge factor in achieving a specific cinematic quality to my films.


Sony 24-105mm f/4 G: To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of carrying tons of lenses around with me. Although I love the quality of prime lenses, I need an all-around beast of a lens that can create a variance of different images without taking up too much space. For me, that lens is the 24-105mm. Whether I’m out on a trail or shooting a music video, the ability to capture footage at different focal lengths is invaluable. I can capture my wide establishing shots and jump in for mediums and close-ups without changing a thing. Plus, this lens is sharp as hell and has image stabilization. That’s a winning pair.


Atomos Ninja V: One of my favorite accessories. Gives me access to backup ProRes files and LUT monitoring while shooting SLOG2

Rode Videomic Pro +: Lets me capture high-quality field audio when shooting on my Sony.

Smallrig Cage/Handle: Adds mounting points for monitoring and microphone, plus adds weight for stability when shooting handheld.

Variable ND: Lets me quickly adjust exposure without adjusting aperture or shutter speed.

Swiss Army Knife: For tightening pesky ¼ screw threads.

DJI Ronin-S: Ultimate lightweight gimbal. Best friend when shooting long tracking shots.

Zoom H4N Audio Recorder: Capture field recordings and ambient sounds while on location

See more of Timmy’s work at timmylodhi.com and on Instagram @timmylodhi.


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