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Why This Sony Alpha APS-C Camera Is Becoming More Popular For Hybrid Creators

The Sony Alpha 6700 combines the cutting-edge still image and video capabilities found in the latest full-frame Alpha and Cinema Line series with the compact and lightweight design of the Alpha 6000 series to make an advanced APS-C mirrorless powerhouse of a camera. A wide variety of creators have been picking up the camera for both photo and video, and below we’ve compiled some proof for you to witness the camera in action. Check them out below and see more videos featuring the Sony Alpha 6700 on our YouTube playlist.

A wide variety of creators have been picking up the Sony Alpha 6700 for both photo and video – watch the proof we’ve compiled for you to witness the camera in action.

This Camera Is Insane

In this TikTok video, Ben Johnson gives a splashy spotlight on the Sony Alpha 6700 and all of its helpful features. We’re not sure which is more impressive, how many features he was able to fit into this TikTok video, or how many features were fit into the camera itself!

What’s In My Bag? The Sony Alpha 6700

Arthur Reutov, also known on his YouTube Channel as Arthur R, creates content about photography and filmmaking. He’s a, “Sony APS-Connoisseur,” meaning his knowledge of the gear and use of the Sony APS-C system makes his channel a great one to subscribe to. He uses the Sony Alpha 6700 as his go-to camera. “I would call it the flagship of APS-C as far a hybrid camera is concerned because it has a viewfinder. Love the new ergonomics of it. The grip makes this camera feel like a full frame camera even though it’s an APS-C and it’s a lot more compact. Very, very nice camera. 4K 60 – I love using it.”

A Walk In The Park With The Sony Alpha 6700

In this TikTok video, photographer Umar Naqshbandi takes the Sony Alpha 6700 to a park to capture little details found in the surrounding natural beauty. 

24 Hours With The New Sony Alpha 6700

Creator Jarren Barboza flew to Mexico City for 24 hours with the Sony Alpha 6700. “This is the ultimate camera for travelers & content creators. 26 megapixel photos, 4k filming up to 120fps, AI powered autofocus, all in a compact body. Excited to bring this with me around the world.”

Turn Your Sony Alpha 6700 Into A Cinema Rig

Need some ideas on turning your Sony Alpha 6700 into a video rig? Sony Artisan and YouTuber Miguel Quiles calls the new Sony Alpha 6700 one of the most exciting cameras that he’s recently used at his studio. “The Reader’s Digest version here is that this little camera can shoot 4K up to 120 frames per second with 4:2:2 10-bit color for under $1500,” he explains. “The majority of the content that I’ve ever made on YouTube was actually shot on an APS-C Sony camera, and with the high-end video features, the compact size and amazing value of the Alpha 6700, it makes it a great choice.”

The Sony Alpha 6700 – Beginner Style

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you just got your Sony Alpha 6700 or are about to, you can start here with Jason Hermann’s beginner guide video. Watch as he walks you through turning the camera on for the first time followed by drilling down into the menu system and key features you need to know about.

Drumroll Please…

Tech content creator Roldan Gilbuena uses the Sony Alpha 6700 on the go, and you can see some of what he captured with it when paired with his brand new lens, the Sony 11mm f/1.8 below. 


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