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You Better Not Be Featuring Creators Using The Wes Anderson "Look"

If you are on TikTok, it’s likely that you’ve come across one of the most recent trends: Wes Anderson style storytelling. Recently, the hashtag #wesanderson has reached a whopping 554.7 million views on TikTok, with creators sharing videos about their ordinary lives, embellished by mimicking Anderson’s style. Anderson is known for his quirky, distinctive style; his films are meticulously crafted, including symmetrical compositions, vibrant color palettes, and brilliant use of static shots. We have adored seeing Sony creators using this trend to make seemingly mundane activities interesting, fun and visually creative. We’ve compiled some of our favorites. Check them out below, and give them a follow on TikTok! And for more Sony fun, be sure to follow @SonyAlpha on TikTok.

Wes Anderson-style storytelling has hit TikTok. Check out these creators as they use the whimsical filmmaker's signature looks to make seemingly mundane activities interesting, fun and visually creative.

Stephen Bisaccia - @bishotya

Stephen Bisaccia is a filmmaker based in Connecticut. His work ranges from documentary to commercial to music videos, but what is consistent is his strong eye and direction. On TikTok, Bisaccia shares a lot of behind the scenes and clips from his work as well as just fun videos about his life. We adore this Wes Anderson inspired video of working at the library. Bisaccia shot it on the Sony Alpha 7S III

Joshua Erb - @josh_erb

Joshua Erb is a cinematographer who shoots on the Sony FX3. His work has a special focus on sports and athletics, though he’s a strong all-around filmmaker. With his lean towards sports, Erb shared the video below on TikTok, where he showcases a track team in the quirky style of Wes Anderson. We love the color grading in this one, the bright colors are truly reminiscent of Anderson himself. 

Adam's Specialty Products LLC

You know it’s a true trend when brands start hopping on board! Adam's Specialty Products LLC has a number of companies that produce animal enclosures, such as dog crates. Their marketing team shared this day at their office using the popular trend. They shot this video on the Sony Alpha 7 III, and we think they did a great job! 

Mara - @maareliii

Mara is a filmmaker who shares snippets of her work on TikTok. She shoots her videos on the Sony Alpha 7 III and the Sony FX3. She went to “The Garden in Zurich” to shoot her Wes Anderson video on the Sony Alpha 7 III and we loved it! All the colors in bloom along with the character's neutral facial expression reminded us of the Grand Budapest Hotel! 

Amtul and Fahad - @patangeer

Amtul and Fahad are vloggers who share creative, travel, and lifestyle related content. They made a humorous video of the two of them exploring the Maldives. They also, “tried the Sony ZV-E1 for the first time while filming this video and it legit blew us away! The full frame sensor and 10-bit internal footage is everything you need! If you want to up your game and take your videography to the next level, then we highly recommend this camera!”


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