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Ira Block

“The camera will take the picture, but it is the photographer who makes the picture.”
Meet Sony Artisan
Ira Block

"For more than thirty years, Ira Block has been covering assignments around the world for the National Geographic Magazine. The subject matter of Ira’s photographs is as varied as the destinations stamped in his passport. From Siberia to Asia to South America and the North Pole, Ira’s lens has captured and documented amazing stories. These include the National Geographic articles “The Samurai Way shot in Japan ,“Restless Spirits” featuring the Terra Cotta soldiers of Xi’An, and the Anasazi of the American Southwest. In early 2014, Ira turned his focus on baseball and its place in the culture of Cuba.  He has made numerous trips to the Island to capture baseball in its purest form and the Cubans’ love of their national sport. An Exhibition is planned for Spring, 2016 in Seattle, Washington and New York City.Ira has also led National Geographic photo workshops and expeditions in New York City, Mongolia, Bhutan and Tibet. He is part of the National Geographic Masters of Photography program and is a featured speaker at photo events. Additionally, Ira maintains a presence in the corporate world shooting annual reports and advertising campaigns."

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