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#CreatorConversations: An AMA With Autumn Schrock

The #CreatorConversations is an AMA (Ask Me Anything) series hosted by @sonyalpha on Instagram. As part of the series, we were joined by landscape, astro and Alpha Imaging Collective photographer Autumn Schrock (@autpops). See some of the highlights below and visit the Instagram post for the full AMA. Make sure you’re following @sonyalpha and #CreatorConversations to stay connected.

“I encourage you to use this current isolation to clear your mind in order to assist your creative juices to flow more freely." – Autumn Schrock #CreatorConversations

“How would you go about creative solutions during this time of isolation?” – @johnny.flowers

Autumn: “Maybe take this time in isolation to tackle any creative projects you’ve been putting off. You could learn a new photo/video skill on YouTube that you’ve been meaning to try or even take up some new creative activities that don’t require you to leave the house (like drawing). Anything to keep those creative juices flowing!”

“How do you know which adjustments you have to take, for taking the best shot?” – @j_judith

Autumn: “Using the exposure triangle (shutter speed, aperture, and ISO) and the camera’s meter help with choosing which adjustments to make. For night photos, you need to use a longer shutter speed to allow for more light, but you want a fast shutter speed when shooting wildlife so the animals aren’t blurry.”

“Were you always patient waiting for the keeper shot or did you have to work at it?” – @almostgreennyc

Autumn: “Great question! I’ve always been a pretty patient person, but it’s a skill that I’ve definitely worked on through landscape and wildlife photography. It’s paid off so far!”

“How does one go about scouting locations like this? What’s your process like once you’ve found a spot to take a shot?” – @sostark

Autumn: “In-person exploring, Google Earth and Maps, fellow photographers, and PhotoPills have been excellent resources for my location scouting! Once I have the location, (depending on the composition I’m looking for) I’ll use the planning section of the PhotoPills app to find when the sun/moon/Milky Way will align how I want. Next is waiting for a good weather window!”

“When in your photography journey did you discover what your favorite kinds of photos to take were?” – @colsgoneawol

Autumn: “Ooh, good question. It’s been within the past couple of years that I’ve discovered my favorite compositions. For reference, I’ve been shooting for 10 years, so it’s been a slow journey. I didn’t discover that outdoor photography was what I truly felt home shooting until about 5 or 6 years ago. Knowing my favorite comps has helped my process out in the field significantly because I know what I’m looking for now.”

“Any tips for astrophotography?” – @a_artistic_kid

Autumn: “Sure thing. Set your camera to manual shooting mode, manually focus on the brightest star in the sky, use a shutter speed around 10-15 seconds, choose the lowest aperture for your lens, and an ISO around 3200 to start. I have an astrophotography guide up on my blog if you want more details!”

“What do you think is the best way to make a living out of landscape photography?” – @rybarmarekk

Autumn: “Building up a solid portfolio of landscape photos is the first big step. Shoot and shoot and shoot! Having a strong online presence will help spread the word about you and your work, and outdoor networking events are key!”

"What's a sweet aperture for both land and sky?" – @thelostmalayan

Autumn: “Aperture totally depends on what you’re aiming for in your composition. If you’re shooting into the sun and want a starburst, use a high aperture like f/16. If you’re shooting flowers up close and want the background/sky blurred, use a low aperture like f/2.8. There’s so much creative freedom with it!”

See the full AMA here.


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