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Introducing #CreatorConversations...An AMA Series To Keep You Connected During COVID-19

In times like these it is more important than ever to keep the creative juices flowing and connect with other creators to exchange ideas and share advice. It can be a challenging time to connect given all that’s going on, which is why we’ve introduced #CreatorConversations – an AMA (Ask Me Anything) series hosted by @sonyalpha on Instagram. We kicked off our first #CreatorConversations with Alpha Collective member Dave Krugman (@dave.krugman). See some of the highlights below and visit the post for the full AMA. Make sure you’re following @sonyalpha and #CreatorConversations to stay connected.

“Stay positive and engaged via online communication and we can all help each other get through this thing.” – Dave Krugman #CreatorConversations

“How do you still take photos even during this quarantine?” – @miguel_deavila_

Dave: “I’m stuck in my Brooklyn loft right now. I have a roof view and a studio set up inside. I haven’t taken pictures yet but I will in the coming weeks. I might do a self-portrait series.”

"When it comes to playing and experimenting with light (especially during these homebound times) what are some things you can recommend? Do you prefer editing in post or getting it 'right' in the shot?" – @cyn_lulu

Dave: “I get it as right as I can, but edit to add my own style. In terms of experiments at home – create still-lifes! Self-portraits, window light, etc. – see what you can come up with!”

“As a new photographer, what do you suggest to get my work in the right places?” – @trova.official

Dave: “You’re on the right track! I see you experimenting with a lot of different styles. That’s a great way to learn! Once you feel like you know which style gives you the most joy to make, focus on pulling together more cohesion in your style and specializing in something.”

"I’ve always heard a lot that some of the most famous photographers have work that’s usually tied to a specific city as part of their brand. Do you think a photographer can be as successful without this as part of their 'brand' or influenced work?" – @se4nhills

Dave: “It’s more that work is tied to a specific style, and people will hire you for that specific look. Cities can help define style for sure- but many famous photographers are nomadic or do studio work which can happen anywhere. The key is when you first start to try everything- as you get better, narrow a bit to focus on the part of the craft you love most. The deeper you go on that one style, the more of a 'brand' you will develop.”

“How do you keep creating creative photography when getting more paid gigs feel so important (especially when starting out)?” – @brian.schonfeld

Dave: “My personal work is like improv jazz, finding new methods and techniques. So when it’s time for the main show, I have better tools to work with in my skill set. Personal and work blend together a lot for me, so inspiration from personal work spills over into my commercial stuff.”

“How can I get unique pictures of popular destinations without feeling like I'm just capturing another ‘touristy’ picture?” – @gsus_mx5

Dave: “Explore other areas and wander around! To get ‘the shot’ just to have it and then look around at everything happening all around you. What new frame can you find? What are the other people doing? What stores and places are nearby? Or find lesser known areas and show how beautiful they are.”

See the entire AMA here.


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