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2016 Sony World Photography Awards Reaches Final Crescendo

The world’s biggest photography competition is entering its final phase. On Thursday, April 21st, the Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year as well as overall Open, Youth and Professional category winners will be announced at the gala awards ceremony in London. In an age when photography is more important than it’s ever been, and more people from around the globe are able to participate and add to our image-centric vocabulary, the goal of the Sony World Photography Awards is simple. “To recognize and reward the best contemporary photography in the world.”

Leading up to this moment, we’ve covered the National Awards Winners as well as the Youth and Open Winners. Many if not all of these winners will be in attendance on Thursday when the overall winners are revealed.

The Sony World Photography Awards the biggest photo competition in the world year after year, and this year a record number of submissions were sent. There were more than 230,000 entries from 186 countries vying for $30,000 in cash prizes as well Sony digital imaging equipment. A competition this important deserves more than just a simple announcement. At AlphaUniverse.com, we’ll be following the lead up to the big reveal on April 21st and we’ll have interviews with winners and Sony World Photo Awards judges and organizers. And of course, you’ll be able to see the winning images here.

Stay tuned.

Above: USA National Winner Mark Fulinara's photo, Falling Kickboxer

"Pictured: A kickboxer, after a crushing blow to the jaw, unconsciously falls to the ground. Hamza Imane defeats Christian Zahe at GLORY 25, Milan Italy. Not pictured: The insane amount of coincidence that goes into a split-second photograph, or any photograph for that matter-- My wife RSVPíing me to go see James Law speak at the Leica LA Gallery because she knew I was a fan. Me introducing myself to James Law as a big fan of his work as a combat sports photographer, and being able to relate to him as a fellow martial artist from San Diego. James Law blindsiding me, asking if I wanted to shoot with him at the next Glory event in Milan. Me flying to Milan on my own dime, just to catch a glimpse of what a pro photographer does working for my favorite kickboxing organization in the world. Getting the opportunity to shoot the undercard fights and capturing the Falling Kickboxer. A lifetime of martial arts, other arts, and photography all culminating into one image."

© Mark Fulinara, USA, Winner, National Award, 2016 Sony World Photography Awards


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