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6 Reasons Why This Video Creator Switched From Canon To Sony

Video creator Kellan Reck (@kellanreck) spent the last 10 years as a videographer for the Boston Red Sox before moving on earlier this year to start his own production company. “When I was transitioning to start my own company, I was seeing how far Sony had come in their video features with their cameras,” he explains. “I tried them out, and really loved what I was getting out of them. So I opted to get rid of my Canon gear and go all in on Sony.”

Reck started his Sony journey with the Sony Alpha 7 III. “I love the size. It's small, lightweight and easy to carry around," he says. "I travel a lot for both work and for fun, and so I bring this everywhere with me, and it's super easy to just throw in a backpack. It's very durable, so it can handle moving around a lot. I also like the functionality. For the price point, you're getting great 4K video, you're getting really good slow-mo with 120 frames, and a lot of cameras aren't going to offer that for a full frame camera at the price point that you're getting with Sony. So it's the best of all worlds.”

After 12 years with Canon, video creator Kellan Reck decided to go all in on Sony. Learn more about why the former Boston Red Sox videographer decided to make the switch.

He plans to continue building out his Sony lenses, but right now his number one is the Sony 20mm f/1.8 G. “I do a lot of run-and-gun type filming, so I use a DJI Ronin for stabilizing and stuff. When I throw the Sony 20mm f/1.8 G on there, it just gets super crisp, wide, smooth panning shots. It's really good for landscape things that I do for real estate features, really anything wide. That lens is so good for that. It's also small and lightweight, so it's just really handy for all things wide.”

We wanted to find out more about why Reck decided to make the switch to Sony after using Canon for 12 years. We connected with him to discuss his top reasons for deciding to rely on Sony for his work. Watch as he shares them in his video from his YouTube Channel below and keep reading for a deeper dive into his reasons for joining the Sony Alpha family.

1. Value

When starting to switch over to Sony, Reck had to consider which camera would make the most sense and still allow him to invest in building out his lenses. “Obviously when people are thinking about switching brands with cameras, it's kind of a bigger conversation than just the price of the camera because a lot of people have a lens kit,” he explains. “There's more involved in fully switching, so I wanted to start with a functional camera body that wasn't going to crush my budget. The Sony Alpha 7 III was in that perfect price range. It gave me all the features I wanted, and then I could start to think about lenses and upgrading and swapping over from Canon there. So because this camera body wasn't the latest and most expensive, I was able to allocate funds into getting new lenses and making the full transition, which I think is what is great about Sony cameras…is that they're not going to break your bank.”

2. Size

Reck is a traveler, so he not only needed something that would create excellent video quality, he also needed it to be portable enough. “The size of the camera is so great because it's pretty lightweight,” he says. “It's super easy to throw into my backpack and bring everywhere. I recently went to Italy and just brought the camera everywhere with me…restaurants, while I was riding a bike, I just kind of took it everywhere. It wasn't obtrusive, it wasn't in the way. It's really great for travel.”

3. Video Capabilities

The features packed into the Sony Alpha 7 III impressed Reck, especially when it came to video. “The video capabilities are what really sold me on this camera, and honestly, on Sony overall,” he explains. “You're getting a lot of the features that other brands are offering at a way higher price point. And with Sony, it's at that lower price point. So you're getting 4K video up to 30 frames. You're getting full HD 120 frame slow-mo, and this is on a full frame sensor. So you're getting a lot of these really nice features in a cheaper option camera. And of course, you can get even better cameras than I have, and you get even more features at a lower price.”

4. Compression

Reck says his Canon produced really heavy files. If he’s taking a camera out on the road, he doesn't want to fill up a massive hard drive when capturing a lot of footage. “Sony again with their compression and their mp4 output of a 4K file was exactly what I wanted.”

5. Color

He admits he was a fanboy for Canon’s colors straight out of camera, but after using the Sony Alpha 7 III he found that the color grading capabilities are equal to or better than the other cameras he’s been shooting with. “I'm able to manipulate the image very well, so the whole Canon color thing really doesn't even matter. It can be manipulated just as good as anything else.”

6. Lenses

As we mentioned, Reck currently uses the Sony 20mm f/1.8 G for his run-and-gun style, but he hopes to pick up a few telephoto lenses. “I like that Sony uses the E-Mount, there are actually a lot more lens choices because it’s more universal. There are so many more options.”

Reck concludes, “I'm super happy with switching from Canon to Sony. It was something I spent a lot of time thinking about, and after a year plus of using Sony, I'm incredibly happy I did. I would do it again many times and recommend anyone to just the video capabilities, the photo capabilities that you're getting in these cameras at a lower price point for the size. They're optimal for travel, they're optimal for storing. You're just getting a really, really nice product at a lower price, and I'm super happy with it.”

See more of Kellan Reck’s work on Instagram, his YouTube Channel and hiw website.


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