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AICdoesSpain Adventure Of A Lifetime

Members of the Alpha Imaging Collective spent four days immersed in the diverse cultural tapestry that is the Andalusia region of Spain. The photographers were able to walk the halls and grounds of some of the most immaculately preserved ancient architecture in all of Europe. Historic Seville showcased the Real Alcazar palace and its sprawling grounds as well as the Seville Cathedral with its towering gothic walls and spires. In contrast to the royal architecture of a bygone epoch, the Metropol Parasol (more commonly known as the “seta” which means mushroom in Spanish) towers over downtown Seville. The photographers were able to explore the variety of vantage points available including a walkway that snakes throughout the very top of the suspended structure. The Collective crew also explored the vast palatial complex of the Alhambra situated atop the hills of Grenada. Aside from its compelling historical significance, the Alhambra’s elaborate design and intricate details reflect the influences of its various generations of occupants. 

Beyond the outstanding architectural feast that the southern Iberian Peninsula had to offer, Seville and Granada’s charming neighborhoods (known as “barrios”), plazas, and narrow streets and alleys were equally captivating to the Collective. The photographers found themselves curiously wandering through the labyrinth of old word buildings that made for intimate captures of street musicians entertaining, children playing, and people sharing tapas on the endless string of patios that lined these elegant canyon-like streets. The Collective members blended into the living tableau of Spanish life as they found elegant scenes and tender, authentic moments to capture.









?? hello from beautiful Alhambra // ? @danorst #aicdoesspain

A post shared by Jane Kim (@_janekim) on




Maybe it’s the hours spent bent and twisted in economy class, or all the bottles of red wine we consumed at dinner while ordering things we couldn’t pronounce, but traveling always creates the best opportunities to meet new people and make new memories. I’m grateful to be spending an incredible week in Spain with @sonyalpha and the #alphacollective, but I’m even more grateful for a group of likeminded creators and fast friends in a foreign country. — We spent our first day getting acclimated in the city of Seville, chasing slants of light along ancient alleyways and brightly colored walls of the city. Can’t wait to see some incredible things this week, and maybe have just a few more bottles of wine with friends. #aicdoesspain — Shot on the brand new #A7III with the 24-105mm lens.

A post shared by Edsel (@edsel) on




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