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Preview: Alpha Imaging Collective To Capture The Spirit Of Southern Spain

Next week ten members of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective will cross the Atlantic to spend a week exploring the Andalusia region of Spain. Focusing on the historical cities of Seville and Granada, the photographers will immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of the southern region of the Iberian Peninsula. The Collective will be shooting world famous architecture and iconic sites such as the Alhambra and Plaza de España in addition to capturing exclusive experiences that provide an intimate look at several of Spain’s unique and dynamic traditions.

Check back on AlphaUniverse.com for more on the Alpha Collective's Spain expedition.

Also be sure to follow the official hashtag, #AICdoesSpain as well as each of the Alpha Collective members on their Instagram accounts below.

Paola Franqui @monaris_

Steven Irby @stevesweatpants

Oveck Reyes @oveck

Karl Zoltan @karlzoltan

Kathy Dyer @kathryn_dyer

Jane Kim @_janekim

Abel Perez @abel.psd

Philip Edsel @edsel

Ari Weiss @ari.weiss

Dan Marker-Moore @danorst



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