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Behind The Camera: Follow These Photographers On TikTok For Tips & Tricks

Seeing the behind the scenes of a shot or photo shoot can give you a deep appreciation for the photographer's vision. So often, you can see only the resulting image and not realize how much effort had to go into making that frame. We pulled together this list of photographers whose TikTok accounts give you a glimpse of the scene these creatives were working with and the resulting images. Give them a follow and don’t forget to follow @sonyalpha for more Sony creative content in your feed and the latest from the Alpha Universe.

These creatives on TikTok will give you a glimpse behind the scenes of their photo shoots before revealing the final results.

Jeremy Cohen – @jeremycohen

If you want to follow a photographer who isn’t afraid to get right into the action, Jeremy Cohen is the one. The Alpha Collective member lives in New York City and heads out to different photo shoots with his Sony Alpha 1 camera. His videos are compelling and popular, with his TikTok account at over 1.3 million followers! How does he do it? Read his Top 5 Tips For Winning At TikTok and follow him for more inspiration. Below he shows the behind the scenes of a recent photo shoot for TikTok as well as the resulting images.

Jason Frankle – @worldpins

Jason Frankle is a commercial and travel photographer and another member of the Alpha Collective. His TikTok videos go behind-the-scenes of his life as a creative and photographer, sharing his setup and the final results. Check out the video below where he gives his tips for shooting with the Sony Xperia 1 IV and see how he uses the device to create slow motion videos.

Masha Raymers – @masharaymers

Masha Raymers is a photographer from Lviv, Ukraine. She takes bold and creative portraits, often utilizing techniques such as double exposure and creative lighting to tell intimate stories of her subjects. Her TikTok videos show behind the scenes of her shoots and then the resulting images. It really goes to show Raymers’ creative vision as the scene rarely reflects the mood that comes out in the images. Be sure to give her a follow! 

Brian Bosché – @brianbosche

Brian Bosché is a sports photographer based in London, UK. On his TikTok account, he takes his followers along with him on a variety of shoots and offers advice on storytelling, composition techniques and funny videos of his photo business including outtakes and mistakes. Bosché is a fun photographer to follow for motivation and comedy.

Mike Abramyan – @mikeabr

Michael Abramyan is an East Coast-based photographer and video editor specializing in travel and landscape photography while storytelling with video. He has a passion for creating stunning astro-landscape images and you’ll find a ton of videos on his TikTok account that align with this passion. Just like the one below – showing a locale during the day and then the wicked astro-shot he took! 

Andrew Macdonald – @a_mac_photo

Andrew Macdonald is a wildlife photographer and videographer. His work has been featured in National Geographic and Africa Geographic. He uses his Sony Alpha 1 to take some jaw-dropping wildlife imagery – like the lion photos you can see below. If you want to feel like you're on a wildlife safari every day, be sure to give Macdonald a follow. 


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