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Captivate & Create: Exploring The Art Of Videography Through TikTok

TikTok is an amazing hub to learn videography and filmmaking. It's all about those short and snappy videos that spice up your storytelling skills and grab attention in a flash. With its marvelous mix of content, you get to explore countless styles and techniques, and trendy challenges make it a delightful playground for experimenting and mastering specific video tricks. Oh, and let's not forget the awesome community of Sony shooters that make learning videography a breeze! TikTok truly sparkles with opportunities for budding videographers like you. To get you started we gathered a group of TikTokers who are sharing great content that teaches you how to improve your videography. Check them out and give them a follow. Make sure you follow @SonyAlpha on TikTok for more creation inspiration in your feed.

See how these Sony shooters spice up their storytelling skills and grab attention in a flash through short and snappy videos.

Adelaide Shea Films

Adelaide is a wedding videographer based in California. She is growing a following on TIkTok by posting BTS content of her work and just daily life updates. Her audience loves her joyful attitude along with her gorgeous footage. They are constantly asking what gear she uses, and she breaks down her camera, the Sony Alpha 7 III, and other equipment in the video below. If you’re looking for video inspiration, wedding ideas, or just all around good vibes be sure to follow Adelaide on TikTok. 

Jannis Rothermel

Photographer and videographer Jannis Rothermel is based in Berlin, Germany. His work primarily focuses on commercial video projects. On TikTok, he offers tips and insights on the filmmaking industry and how to enhance your technical skills. From camera movements to post production techniques, his account is a one stop shop for quick and easy tutorials. In the video below, Jannis is breaking down the best settings he uses for filming on a Sony camera. This is a fantastic video to reference before going on a shoot, that way all your settings will be dialed in and ready to go! Jannis shoots with the Sony Alpha 7S III, Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master, Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master

Jacky Li

Jacky Li is a photographer and video creator currently living in Portland, Oregon. He believes that “Being able to capture photos and videos has allowed me to widen my perspective on telling better stories and creating emotions.” As a content creator, he’s expanding his creativity through YouTube and Tiktok videos, where he shares my creative ideas and personal life. His shooting style is focused on vibrant colors and lively warm tones, creating images that are dreamy and soft, but not overly done. His go-to gear is the Sony Alpha 7 IV, Sony Alpha 7S III, Sony ZV-E1, Sony ECM-B1M Compact Shotgun Microphone, and a variety of lenses. We love the humor he brings to his content. For example, in the video below, he’s highlighting the importance of color toning by pretending someone ‘messed’ with his camera. He then flicks through a variety of LUTs, showing how different each one looks. 

Desire Lacap

Desire Lacap is a young filmmaker with years of experience as an independent film director, editor, and entrepreneur based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is known for her drive and dedication in her creative work as a Director of Photography and film editor. She has grown a large following on TikTok by sharing POV videos, gear tips, insights into editing, and all things filmmaking. She shoots on the Sony FX3 and the Sony Alpha 7S III along with the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master. In the video below, she explains how to make sure your footage is exposed currently when shooting in S-LOG 3. Give her a follow for more great insights on filmmaking! 

Jessica Iliana

Jessica Iliana is a director and DP based in Los Angeles, California. Her TikTok account shares all kinds of information including “a day in her life” as a director, what it’s like on the set of a major brand commercial, how to light things well, how to use editing software well, and what gear is best for high-end shoots. Jessica’s go-to camera is the Sony Alpha 1. In the video below, she’s showcasing how she has connected a video game remote to her gimbal. 


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