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Cool For The Summer: See How These Photographers Are Capturing Summer Vibes

Last week we officially kicked off summer! We all have vivid imagery associated with summer – from sand on our feet to fireflies to floaties in the pool, some things are distinctly summer vibes. We gathered a list of photographers who use that imagery to make photos that just feel like summer. We're spotlighting a group of photographers who capture the feels of summer using a camera and lens. Check them out below and give them a follow on Instagram. We’d also love to see your Summer Vibes! Be sure to tag photos taken with your Sony cameras and lenses with #BeAlpha for a chance to be featured. And don’t forget to follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of photography inspiration.

Days are long nights are warm and we're spotlighting a group of photographers who capture the feeling of summer with a camera and lens.

Caroline Jensen – @carolinej

Sony Artisan Caroline Jensen specializes in flower photography. And we don’t know about you, but whenever we think of summer, we think of bright and colorful flowers in full bloom! Many of Caroline’s images look and feel like a painting. We love the rim light on this one, how it brings out each detail on the stem of the flower. If you’re interested in photographing flowers as well, give Caroline a follow and check out her workflow HERE.

Phil Nguyen – @philngyn

A member of the Alpha Collective, Phil Nguyen is a photographer and videographer based in Los Angeles. Known for his distinctive color and toning of his images, Nguyen’s Instagram feed is quite aesthetically pleasing. That color pallet comes through on the image below, shot on the Sony Alpha 7C and Sony 24-105mm f/4 G. Check out Nguyen’s gear HERE and follow him on Instagram to keep up with his work!

Jennifer Carr – @jennifercarrphotography

Jennifer Carr is a landscape and nature photographer and educator. She spends a lot of her time in the Outer Banks in North Carolina – so she’s frequently photographing beachy scenes. We love the colors and the silhouette in the image below – a classic summer sunset image! Learn about Jennifer’s go-to gear HERE

Maria Presser – @maria_presser

Maria Presser is a photographer who specializes in photographing children. We love the three images below! Maria managed to make the kids comfortable and that comes through in her work. We adore the field of flowers the children are in as well! Be sure to follow Maria to see more of her work. 

Stacy Howell – @stacyhowellinthewater

We all remember long days spent at the pool during the summer as kids. That is what is evoked when scrolling through Stacy Howell’s Instagram! Located in Charleston, South Carolina, Stacy has an Instagram account dedicated to time spent in the water. In addition to spending time in the water, Stacy is a commercial and editorial photographer who is well-known for her food imagery. Check out her food imagery and gear list HERE

Taylor Ballantyne – @taylorbphoto

Taylor Ballantyne is a photographer and director based in Nashville, Tennessee. With her roots in photography, she has recently become known for her filmmaking and directing work. You can see her creative vision in the short clip below. It makes us want to grab a surfboard and hit the waves! 

Linsey Davis – @linseydavis05

Linsey Davis is a photographer and self-described “family documentarian.” She has a personal project called, “Olivia” where she is photographing her daughter to document childhood. The project is full of images that feel quintessentially childhood. Recently, she’s been documenting her daughter’s experience at camp, like in the image below. We have found camp to be yet another classic summer memory that these images unlocked for us!  

Mickie Devries – @mickiedev

Artist and photographer Mickie Devries focuses on documenting children. One of our favorite things about her Instagram account is that every post includes the edited and unedited version of her photographs. We absolutely love seeing how she uses editing and photoshop to achieve her artistic vision! 

Jesse Jennings – @jesseaphoto

Photographer Jesse Jennings uses her camera to create ocean inspired visuals. She has a special focus on surfers and waves. We love this action shot she took on her Sony Alpha 7R III. If you want to feel like you’re surfing and at the beach everyday, we highly recommend following Jesse on Instagram. 


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