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#CreatorConversations AMA With Kyle Huber: My Go-To Lens, Camera Setup For Quick Moments & How To Make Money As A Photographer

#CreatorConversations is an AMA (Ask Me Anything) series hosted by @sonyalpha on Instagram. As part of the series, we were joined by visual designer and photographer Kyle Huber (@asenseofhuber) of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. See some of the highlights below as he shares his advice for other creators, storytelling techniques and more. Visit the Instagram post for the full AMA and make sure you’re following @sonyalpha and #CreatorConversations to stay connected.

"Whatever you do, keep the creative energy flowing and show as much support as possible to your fellow artists. We need each other." – Kyle Huber #CreatorConversations

"What aperture setup is best for landscape photography?" – @t_a_n_u_j_y_a_d_a_v

Kyle: “I think using something around f/10-12 is a nice middle ground for capturing details throughout the scene.”

"What is your go-to lens?" – @colinwinn

Kyle: “I would have to say the [Sony] 24-240mm is my most used lens. I like the range it gives me in almost any situation!”

"How much of your stuff is photoshopped vs done in camera?" – @nathanaschweitzer

Kyle: “I would say 10%. I usually try to line everything up perfectly in camera though so the photoshopping is minor in the more creative work that I do. I always remove footsteps and clean up other distracting things to polish my work off though.”

"For the shots that you match the clothes to the scenery. Are you editing on photoshop to color match better, or are you going out and finding clothes that match that well before shooting?" – @alexandersonmtb

Kyle: “Yeah, for sure. My work is all about the details and sometimes you have to manipulate things to perfect your vision. I can promise you that 99% of photographers use photoshop or touch up their images before sharing them. That’s part of the profession- I know some that spend hours stacking and blending many images together. Photoshop is our friend.”

"I want to make money out of photography, do you have any tips/suggestions?" – @riffatmuntaz

Kyle: “I went to art college and became a pro graphic designer before I picked up photography as a hobby. It turned into a career when I started making advertisements for brands and promoting them to my following. To get to that point, it took many years of hard work, practice and growth. There’s no short cut to success, so make sure you learn the fundamentals and build a strong core of skills. A large audience won’t hurt either, but it’s not necessary at all to get hired. Talent is what the brands are paying for!”

"When you are travelling and you want to caption action, quick moments, what mode do you use on your camera to be able to make quick, yet beautiful photos?" – @asistturist

Kyle: “If I don’t have time to dial in manual settings, Automatic mode is a safe bet for sure. If I don’t have my camera, I use my phone!”

"What’s the biggest thing creators need to know with brand advertising? Or you’re best piece of advice on working with brands?" – @kendraventures

Kyle: “For me it has always been about creativity. To make an effective advertisement, it must be creative or clever enough to still appeal to your audience, while also meeting the guidelines provided by the brand. Product placement is a tricky one to pull off well, but if it’s “on-brand” and fits into your feed, that’s the secret to getting more gigs. Never delete a sponsored post, either! The more you have on your page the better. Brands need to see that you can advertise and if you have no proof, there will be no interest. Hope that helps!”

"What would you recommend to young photographers who are just starting off and are looking to brand their images and content on social media?" – @ryannskidmore

Kyle: “Since the competition is stiff, it’s crucial that your work stands out in some way- whether that be creatively or through a style that you develop for yourself. Whatever your subject matter is, make sure you are communicating some sort of concept or idea to your views. Advertising is all about effective storytelling, so put thought into your shots. A public profile is going to be crucial to building an audience and getting your work seen. There’s a huge community of brand new photographers just like you who are supporting each other as they practice and get better over time.”


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