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#CreatorConversations: Highlights From Our AMA With Travel Writer & Photographer Turned Macro Shooter, Erin Sullivan

#CreatorConversations is an AMA (Ask Me Anything) series hosted by @sonyalpha on Instagram. As part of the series, we were joined by Erin Sullivan (@erinoutdoors) of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. Erin's been all over the news lately as her #OurGreatIndoors photos on Instagram have captured imaginations all over the world. See some of the highlights below as she shares her favorite travel destinations, advice for other creators during this time and more. Visit the Instagram post for the full AMA and make sure you’re following @sonyalpha and #CreatorConversations to stay connected.

“This is a time to be gentle with yourself, not to judge yourself or look at what you're ‘accomplishing’ right now. The best advice I have is to take things one day at a time and honor what comes up, in whatever ways you can.” – Erin Sullivan #CreatorConversations

“What’s the creative approach to storytelling? Where do you start?” – @itsmesaul

Erin: “Start by noticing the moment you are in. Ask yourself what is most important about it. Notice how you feel. Think about how to communicate that in an image.”

“What is your background? Did you attend a traditional photography/art school? Self taught?” – @dmar453

Erin: “I attended art school but did not study photography (focused on graphic design). I’m largely self-taught in photography except for some classes in high school. Worked in outdoor education as a wilderness trip leader for 7 years before pursuing photography full time. If you have internet access, you have access to so much information! Use whatever you have, practice, create when you can.”

“What are some of your favorite travel destinations?” – @brady426

Erin: “Greece, New Zealand and Alaska, to name a few.”

“Do you think for someone who does photography as a hobby (I have the α7R III but I just do it for fun) does Lightroom CC on an iPad Pro work OK or should I get Lightroom Classic on a MAC?” – @ronaldrigali

Erin: “I think either would work, you would just have more control on a laptop/desktop. I’d try whatever is more accessible to you with what you have now, and upgrade if/when you feel you need to.”

“Two questions (1) which of the photos was the most difficult to execute? (2) what camera lens did you use?” – @jo_lopezz

Erin: “Most difficult so far was probably the sugar sand dunes... hard to get them to not look like sugar! The lens I have been using the most is the Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro. I have also used the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 at 70mm.

"I’m curious what role you think the blog plays in this day of social media (especially app-based). And what advice would you give to a photographer/filmmaker/writer in this time of ever-shrinking digital attention spans?" – @c_v_may

Erin: “Your website is arguably the only space on the internet you have full control over. If social media all went away or suddenly people weren’t on it anymore, I’d still have full control over my blog as a starting point. I think a blog or at least a solid website/portfolio site is a must for anyone wanting to build a long lasting career in this space. You don’t have to dedicate loads of time to it or post lots of blogs, but it should exist in my opinion!”

“If you had to carry only one lens on a trip, which one are you taking?” – @jrlucc

Erin: “Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master for sure! Super versatile. Comes with me on every shoot pretty much!”

“Biggest piece of advice for photographers who are trying to go full time and want to advance their career during COVID? When is too soon to approach brands after something like this?” – @colleengoldhornphoto

Erin: “In my opinion, you can be approaching brands NOW. I have gotten new work and made new client relationships during this stay at home order. You just have to have the awareness of what is going on, and posture yourself to be of service. Start with an understanding that times may be tough for them right now, but you’re reaching out to see if there are opportunities to work together, here are some creative ideas you’ve had... etc. Be especially kind and communicative. You can still advance your career during COVID – just takes more creativity on the business side than it might ‘normally’!”


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