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#CreatorConversations: Highlights From Our AMA With Scott Kranz

#CreatorConversations is an AMA (Ask Me Anything) series hosted by @sonyalpha on Instagram. As part of the series, we were joined by creator Scott Kranz (@scott_kranz). See some of the highlights below as the Alpha Collective member shares his go-to travel lenses, tips on composition and more. Visit the Instagram post for the full AMA and make sure you’re following @sonyalpha and #CreatorConversations to stay connected. See the schedule of all of our LIVE online AMAs, virtual meetups and more on the Alpha Universe calendar.  

“I know we’re all well aware of the unsettling times we’re in, but I must say I’ve been amazed by how communities are coming together, even if just virtually, and exploring new ways to help out, interact, and create.” – Scott Kranz #CreatorConversations

“What's your main lens?” – @nilansh_sirohi19

Scott: “There are several I use a TON, but I’d say my most used lens for outdoor landscapes is Sony’s 24-105mm f/4 G.”

“With the technical terrain, do you use a tripod? Or how do you manual focus and avoid de-focus from hand movement?” – @markjacob26

Scott: “Regarding tripods, it really depends on the trip. If I’m going fast and light, I’ll leave the tripod and maybe bring a very fast lens (e.g., 24mm f/1.4 GM). Or when needed, I love bringing my peak design travel tripod.”

“What are your go-to lenses when traveling and overnighting in the backcountry?” –@dcossette

Scott: “My usual go-to lenses for overnights are Sony’s 24-105mm f/4 G, 24mm f/1.4 GM prime, and then a telephoto (either the 70-200mm or 100-400mm)!”  Note: You can learn about Scott’s full kit in his What’s In My Bag article.

“What is most challenging about shooting this adventure-style outdoor photography?” –@easy.mac

Scott: “Great question: one of the biggest challenges is the alignment of ideal conditions and light with the physical act of venturing high up into these remote mountains, sometimes through technical terrain.”

“Looking to plan a trip to North Cascades National Park later this year, have any tips to share?” –@ianmayster_photo

Scott: “I’d recommend taking some time to drive the entire north cascades highway through the park and soak up all the views, but also if you’re able-bodied to take a hike into the wilderness and enjoy the quiet and solitude. It’s a beautiful park in so many ways!”

“What are some good tips when shooting directly into the sun?” – @eezuss

Scott: “If a sun “burst” is desired, try a narrower aperture (that is, a higher f-number, e.g., f/16). also, placement of the sun along an edge in the foreground or midground can sometimes create a nice effect. I’d recommend playing around with it, and seeing what you like!”

“Do you have some tips on composition, to make a photo exciting and clean?” – @timokok33

Scott: “Whenever possible I compose the image to allow for ease of visual movement by the viewer whether that means the eye effortlessly landing on one or two related spots in the photo, or a pathway that the eye can travel along and reach a subject. This can be achieved in any number of ways, e.g., leading lines, points of contrast, etc. and also avoiding distracting non-essential elements as well, if possible. Hope that helps!”

“When did you start taking pictures?” – @samu_orsini

Scott: "I started taking photos back in college as part of my travels. It was a light hobby until I moved to Seattle in 2013, when I discovered the mountains here for myself. Then the hobby transformed into something much more.”

“What’s your best tip to become a better photographer?” – @journeyin_john

Scott: “Create photos and art that excite and fulfill YOU first and foremost, as opposed to merely what you think appeals to others or an audience.”


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