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Follow These Adventure & Landscape Photographers On Instagram

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, we want to shine a light on more incredible Black photographers and their inspiring work. This week we're highlighting a group of Black adventure and landscape photographers to follow on Instagram. Check out their stunning imagery and be sure to hit the follow button for more photos in your feed.

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, here are some incredible Black adventure and landscape photographers and their amazing work.

Gina Danza – @wildgina

Alpha Collective member Gina Danza is a photographer specializing in intimate landscapes. She gets up-close with nature, turning it into beautiful art that touches your emotions and makes you better connected. She is the top-selling Black landscape photographer and works hard to celebrate other Black artists too. Additionally, she is a TV producer/creator and creator for Discovery on Instagram. She uses motivation from her daydreams about exploring the unknown to create imaginative worlds around the outdoors. Additionally, the attention to detail, composition and cinematic tones in her nature photography continues to mesmerize those that view her photos. 

Cliford Mervil - @cliford.mervil

Cliford Mervil is an adventure photographer and filmmaker who draws inspiration from the mountain and nature as a whole. His genuine love for nature, people, his passion for honest storytelling, and his relentless drive for genuine adventure has led him to work with a diverse and unique range of clients. We love the storytelling in his work. 

L. Renee Blount - @UrbanClimbr

Adventure photographer, L. Renee Blount is based in the Bay area and is a Harvard-trained designer, creative strategist and storyteller. She works in innovation and storytelling to illuminate untold stories and to rethink the future. Check out this epic image from a recent expedition to Vietnam Blount made on the image on the Sony Alpha 7R V. Learn more about her lens choice in When Lens Choice Is Critical, This Adventure Photographer Packs The G Masters.

Terrence Drysdale - @tjdrysdale

Terrence Drysdale is a Florida-based professional portrait, fine art and fashion photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. His imagery combines photography and art to create fairytale-like portraits that will make your imagination run. These are unusual landscape images, but they are certainly stunning. For example, the image below of the Dolomites is both an outstanding landscape shot and a fairytale story!

Keisha Holmes - @keishaholmes.photo

Keisha Holmes is a landscape, nature, and travel photographer. She describes her work as, “Capturing the beauty that surrounds me.” We love the long exposure of this waterfall shot on the Sony Alpha 7R IV. Check out more of Holmes posts to see stunning landscape imagery! 

Monica Singleton - @mcsingleton

Monica Singleton is a Washington, D.C. based filmmaker. She has almost a decade of experience in cinematic storytelling, event videography, and commercial video production. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares videos of her hiking adventures. With her work, she hopes to bring out depth, authenticity, and of course, perspective for a diverse audience that inspires. Singleton shoots on the Sony FX3 and the Sony Alpha 6100

Kamyle S Lowndes - @ka_myle

Kamyle S Lowndes is a photographer whose work covers a range of subjects. We love everything from her portraiture to her landscapes and seascapes. One of our favorites is this waterfall shot. The long exposure adds gorgeous texture to the water and the framing with the bridge above adds a level of interesting composition to the image. 

George McKenzie Jr. - @georgemckenziejr

George McKenzie Jr. is a National Geographic Society award-winning visual storyteller from Brooklyn, NY, who specializes in wildlife, natural history, and conservation. With over 10 years of experience, George is well-versed in producing stories with an impact that focus on human interests around the world. When he’s not working on his next wildlife story, George is an educator in his local community, mentoring rising young people of color around the world. He’s currently based in Florida, making stunning images of nature and wildlife.

Fabienne - @sassyfabs

Fabienne is a photographer who is sharing her artistic vision on her Instagram account. She focuses her photography mostly on nature and wildlife. One of our favorite thing about her account is how seasonally she posts. In the fall, her feed was filled with vibrant oranges and yellows, showcasing the leaves as they changed. Now, her feed is a winter wonderland! Just like the image below. Check out her work and give her a follow. 

Ron Timehin - @rontimehin

Ron Timehin is a professional photographer and director based in London. His landscape work is a little different from the others on this list… he focuses more on cityscapes. They are absolutely stunning shots. In addition to his urban landscape images, Timehin works with many brands and commercial clients. Check out how he captured the London Fog in the images below, and be sure to check out his Instagram account for even more urban landscapes!


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