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Get Ready To Capture The Vibrancy Of Springtime With These Cinematic YouTubers

As we chug along in April, signs of spring are becoming more and more prominent. Buds are popping up, the breeze has a warmth to it, and birds and butterflies begin appearing again. Springtime always makes us ready to grab our Sony Alpha cameras and spend time outside, documenting nature, wildlife and warm weather scenes. The spring season provides tons of photography, filmmaking and vlogging opportunities and these YouTubers will inspire you to do it all.. Check out the content these creators made and shared on YouTube to celebrate the Spring season. And, for even more education and inspiration, subscribe to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel.

The spring season provides tons of photography, filmmaking and vlogging opportunities for our Sony shooters.

Nick and Ezzi

Nick and Ezzi are a pair of LA based directors who share videos and tips on their YouTube channel. The video below is a romantic short film, consisting of a montage of stunning images. The video is titled, April Diary, and serves as a sort of vlog for their time that month. The film was shot on the Sony FX3 and Sony 55mm f/1.8 lens.

Sam Brosnan

Sam Brosnan is a multifaceted filmmaker and writer based in Portland, Maine. His instinctually intimate style captures the beauty of the human spirit and the natural world with empathy and artistry. He shoots minii-docs to test out new gear and flex his creativity. The video below documents a spring day with his daughter. Brosnan was testing out the Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master, which he states, “might be my new favorite lens. The combination of sharp detail with super smooth bokeh is unreal, and I love the 35mm focal length.” He paired the lens with his Sony FX3 and the combination resulted in some gorgeous shots.

Shibi Chan

Shibi Chan enjoys shooting portraits and street photography, and also enjoys seeing what modern smartphones are capable of nowadays. His YouTube channel is dedicated to mastering photography with smartphones. We love that he is teaching people to create art with whatever tool they have at their disposal! In the video below, he is celebrating the beginning of spring by making a POV street photography video with his Sony Xperia 1 IV. He’s creating some really visually appealing shots with his Sony Smartphone.

Alan Chung Films

Alan Chung is an aspiring filmmaker and travel enthusiast. He loves to capture places he’s visited and create video diaries with a strong cinematic feel. In this video, he’s capturing spring in Seattle on his Sony Alpha 6500. Chung’s account is fun and inspiring, be sure to check it out and subscribe!

Olle Nilsson

Olle Nilsson is a Swedish nature and wildlife photographer. His YouTube videos go behind-the-scenes of his outdoors photography adventures to give an inside look at how he captures beautiful footage and photos of various wildlife and nature scenes. We love the creativity in the video below, how he uses his Sony Xperia PRO-I in the field to make stunning, high-quality images. He shares that the images are just as high quality as a DSLR or mirrorless camera and that he can edit them the same way. He also talks about how useful it is to have a high quality camera right in your pocket, so you can always make the most of a fleeting moment.


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