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Go Behind The Scenes Of Light Speed And See More About The New Sony Alpha 9 III

The launch of the new Sony Alpha 9 III introduced the first full-frame camera equipped with a global shutter image sensor, providing unparalleled high-speed for professional photographers and videographers. In this video, director Curtis Morgan (@curtismorgan) takes us behind the scenes of the video, Light Speed, that was made to show off the features of the camera which he describes are, "absolutely out of control.” Get an inside look at the making of the video below, featuring creators Zabrina Deng (@zabrinaxyz), Philip Edsel (@edsel), Jean Fruth (@jeanfruthimages), Melissa Groo (@melissagroo) and Tobi Shinobi (@tobishinobi). Learn more about the new Sony Alpha 9 III HERE.

The crew shot the launch video with the new Sony Alpha 9 III, as well as the Venice 2 and Burano. Morgan explains he did this in order to show off how powerful the new Alpha 9 III camera is even up against some of the greatest cinema cameras of all time. Traveling around the world, Morgan and the crew captured the various creators in their elements, using the new camera to snap high-speed action. “This camera is a complete rewrite of camera technology,” he says. “For the very first time we have a global shutter full-frame camera system.” 

If you watched the original Light Speed video below, you’ll see just how many dynamic shots they were able to capture. The crew used a 24-ft. MovieBird camera crane to help them take shots from interesting angles. Drone pilot Craig Coker (@craig.coker), who you might remember from his Light The Night project where he used an Airpeak to light a scene, also used his drone lighting skills for the Light Speed launch video. By attaching lighting to the Airpeak S1 drones, he was able to follow the fast-moving moving subject to create some of the coolest shots we’ve ever seen. “So we have 120 frames per second, and when you hear that you first think video. It’s RAW photos.”

Learn more about the new Sony Alpha 9 III HERE.

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