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Hands On Review Roundup: The New Sony Alpha 7CR

Sony announced the addition of the Sony Alpha 7CR to the Alpha 7C series of compact full-frame interchangeable lens cameras. The Alpha 7CR boasts high resolution with the same sensor found in the Alpha 7R V, all in a compact and lightweight body. We’ve rounded up some of the online reviews for the new cameras from around the web and dropped them below. Keep scrolling to watch and read what creators and reviewers are saying about the new Sony Alpha 7CR. Learn. moreabout the new Sony Alpha 7CR HERE.

First impressions for the new camera are rolling out across the web. Check out our review roundup to see what’s being said about the exciting high-resolution compact full-frame.


“This is still a very compelling camera product if you’re looking for something that is more compact and still has a lot of the same controls, has the same great image quality and autofocus, and is substantially less money. I could actually see this as being like a backup camera to your A7R V. Or if you just prefer a smaller body, you’re not giving up that much to go with the A7CR.” – Chris Niccolls

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

“I think it’s so good at being a fun, compact travel camera, and that is exactly how I will use it.” – Tony Northrup


“The new A7CR takes the blueprint of the original A7C from 2020 and runs away with it, creating a super-compact, super-high-resolution full-frame camera that is significantly smaller and lighter than all of its main rivals.” – Mark Goldstein

Read the complete review HERE.


“I really like what they’re doing with the Sony Alpha 7CR. The higher resolution…and it’s priced really well for the market. So I think this fits like this really niche category between the A7 IV and the A7R V.” – Drew Crawford

“Yeah, absolutely. I mean it is kind of like a baby A7R V and I think it has a lot of very compelling features. That would make it something that would be a great secondary camera if you wanted that high resolution, something to travel with. It does have some great video specs, image quality is awesome. But I really like the results coming out of both of these cameras.” – Evelyn Drake

B&H Photo/Video

"The A7C II and A7CR to me solidify Sony's determination to provide every possible combination of features and price points for every type of hybrid shooter." - Nick

Hugh Brownstone

“I will be blunt. As a handheld capture tool on its own, that is, without the lenses one might attach to it, I think it is reasonable to assert that Sony’s just announced a $3000, 60 megapixel A7CR…yeah I’ll just say it…is functionally superior to every other high resolution rangefinder style mirrorless camera on the market.”


"The resolution of this small camera is impressive. You can see that from any shot you can crop and create multiple different images and the resolution will still be there." – Sal D'Alia

Jason Vong

“...if you are a megapixel fiend and you have the budget for the A7CR, it is the best compact iteration of the A7R 5 as discussed throughout the entire video.”

Park Cameras

“This camera as well as the A7C II are probably two of my favorite compact full-frame cameras like this. I really, really like the size, the feel, the look of them, but with that feeling of a proper full frame Sony camera, right, with all of the kinds of things you would expect from that.” – Gareth Evans

“I love the way this camera feels and the results I’m getting with it. So you’ve kind of got two great cameras there, the A7C II, which I think is a fantastic all-rounder, feels more like a straight up hybrid camera. And then the A7CR, which is a little bit more photography minded if you want the high resolution. Maybe you want this as a second camera to say, the A7R V – I think this would be fantastic for those out-and-about trips. If you want to take this traveling but you’re skewed more toward getting some landscape shots, I think this is going to be fantastic. And if you are looking for a very small, lightweight, powerful camera. These two cameras are the ones I recommend. I mean let me tell you, I’ve just really enjoyed using them.” – Gareth Evans


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