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Instagram Follow Friday - Get An Up-close Look At The Hidden World Of Macro

This week we’re getting up close with some of our favorite Sony macro shooters on Instagram. These accounts are all about capturing the details and with different lighting, angles and composition, you’ll find that they each have their own unique style. Check out their work and if you like it, give them a follow. Don’t forget to also follow @sonyalpha for daily Sony photos captured by you, and shared by us. Tag your own Sony photos on Instagram with #BeAlpha for your chance to be featured!

Follow @sonyalpha and tag your Sony photos with #BeAlpha for your chance to be featured!

Caroline Jensen – @carolinej

Caroline is a Sony Artisan and her Instagram account features painterly photos and macro shots. The way she brings light into her images while maintaining their simplicity makes her page an easy one to follow. She took this photo below with her RX10 IV and comments, “Here is the thing about flowers, they really love soft, early morning light. I generally crave dramatic and directional light, but peonies beg to be washed in the softest of light that dances in and out of the frilly petals.”

Kerby Smith – @kerbysmithphoto

Kerby is a freelance photographer capturing images of flowers, critters and landscapes. As you scroll through his account you will see some of the brightest and boldest colors on Instagram. Bees hovering flowers, ladybugs crawling on stems, raindrops falling off petals, it’s a whole macro world for you to explore. This “beescape” as he calls it of a honeybee approaching a plum blossom was taken with his Sony α9 and Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens.

Olivia Sisson – @liv_mosss

Liv is a Sony photographer exploring the world one fungus at a time! Her account features an awesome inventory of the different fungi she comes across on her travels. Giving her followers a glimpse into worlds both big and small in a way that is approachable, she wants to remind people that you don't have to be an Instagram travel influencer to find beautiful and amazing things – they are often right under your nose. Give her a follow for more up close adventures! This photo below was taken with her Sony α6300 and Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.

Chris Mcloughlin – @chris_p_mcloughlin

Chris is a Sony photographer based in Yorkshire, UK. He posts macro shots of insects, flowers, raindrops and more on his Instagram account. The details and colors he is able to capture in his macro shots give us a glimpse into a smaller world we normally wouldn’t see. This bright blue damselfly photo was taken with his Sony α77 and Sony 100mm f/2.8 macro lens.

Jan Harnoš – @honzaharnos

Jan is a photographer based in Bali with an Instagram account that explores the wilderness of the island, often getting up close with its natural beauty. Using his Sony α7R II, he captures bold flowers and interesting insects in their wildest and purest forms. To further explore the Bali jungle, make sure you give his account a follow. The photo below was taken with his Sony α7R II and Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master + Meike extension tubes.


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