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Instagram Follow Friday – Vlogging With The New Sony ZV-1

This week Sony introduced a brand new tool for video content creators – the Sony ZV-1. With features like face prioritization, background defocus, interval shooting and super slow motion recording, vloggers have been excited to try it out and share their thoughts. This Instagram Follow Friday we’re featuring content creators who have posted on the new Sony ZV-1. See what they posted and had to say about the camera below, and see a full roundup of first impressions on the camera here.

This Instagram Follow Friday we're featuring vloggers who have tried out the new Sony ZV-1. See their posts and what they're saying about this new content creation tool.

Louis Cole – @funforlouis

Louis is a popular travel vlogger and a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. He got to try out the new ZV-1 and posted his video review below to Instagram, with a longer review on his YouTube. His thoughts can be summed up with this quote: "I just want to thank Sony for listening to their consumers, listening to us, and building the perfect vlogging camera. All of the things we inquired about and asked about and wanted changed, they did. And they created this.”

Sara Dietschy – @sarahdietsch

Sara reviews a lot of different tech on her YouTube Channel, and she teases them in her posts on Instagram. She took the photos in her post below using the Sony ZV-1 and in her review says, “It has better audio, it has better skin tones, it has all of these special features.” She’s been a big RX100 V user for her vlogs, and now she’s excited to buy the ZV-1 to add to her content creation arsenal.

Justine Ezarik – @iJustine

With over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and over 6.4 million subscribers on YouTube, you could say Justine’s vlogging is more than just a little popular. She had the chance to try out Sony’s new ZV-1 and says, “I’ve been keeping a checklist of things I have been looking for in a vlogging camera, and this camera right here checks almost every single one of those boxes.” 

Jenna Ezarik – @jennaezarik

Jenna also has a popular vlog reviewing tech and posted this teaser review to her Instagram, with the full video on her YouTube. After testing it out for her typical vlogging workflow, she calls the ZV-1 the PERFECT vlogging camera. “I have to say, without question, this is my favorite camera. For the pros, I love the Product Showcase feature. The Face Priority Auto Exposure is also really impressive. It also has advanced color science so now we can have the soft skin effect."

Josh Yeo – @make.art.now

Josh is another vlogger who, after trying out the new ZV-1, calls it his new side kick. “This camera is kinda mind-blowing.” He posted this teaser below on Instagram (nice try, but no it’s not an α7S-series camera), and has a full review video coming soon on his YouTube. Add this vlogger to the list of those who are impressed by the features of this camera and ready to buy it now.

Lee Zavitz – @leezavitz

Lee is a photographer and content creator based in Toronto. He took the first photo in his Instagram post below using it, with a full video review on his YouTube. “I think that a lot of us YouTubers and content creators are excited about this camera because Sony has packed every wish and demand that we’ve ever wanted in a vlog camera. It’s all jammed into this little camera.”

Elly Awesome – @EllyAwesome

Elly is a tech and lifestyle YouTube reviewer based in Australia. She had the chance to try out her camera for vlogging and posted the teaser below, with a full in-depth review on her YouTube (we highly recommend you watch - it’s very entertaining and filmed mostly using the ZV-1.) “I love filmmaking, and I’m really, really excited about this camera.” 


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