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It's Black History Month-Here's A Group Of Creators You Should Be Following On Instagram

We're kicking off Black History Month by sharing the work of some of our favorite Black creatives in the Sony Brand Ambassador programs. Whether it be through teaching and supporting other creatives, getting out in the field with their cameras, running a professional studio session or curating a photo gallery, these creatives are constantly changing the game through the work they do. Join the community and follow these pros on Instagram for more work from talented Black creatives in your feed.

We're kicking off Black History Month with the work of Black creatives in the Sony community who are constantly changing the game through their creativity.

Also, various Black creators will be taking over the Sony Alpha Instagram account for a #CreatorConversation AMA session to celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth. You can find more details HERE and be sure to tap in every Tuesday (starting on 02/06) to join the conversation.

Endia Beal – @endiabeal

Sony Artisan Endia Beal is an artist, speaker, curator, educator and author. Through her photography and videography she works to reveal the often overlooked experiences unique to people of color. As a presenter and storyteller, Beal engages and inspires her audience. Her directness and visual intelligence engages viewers in important dialogue. You can join Beal for a talk on Wednesday, February 7 at Wake Forest University’s Department of Art at 5:30pm in Scales Fine Arts. (The talk is free and open to the public, no RSVP necessary.) You can also learn more about her curation work in A Look Inside Endia Beal’s Process For Curating Photographs.

Tomayia Colvin, EdD – @tomayiacolvin

Tomayia Colvin, EdD is a Sony Artisan who creates educational platforms and safe spaces for Black and photographers of color. She founded Tomayia Colvin Education, an online learning platform that gives photographers of color an opportunity to gain momentum and experience in education and speaking. She also founded The Photo Cookout, the first photography conference for Black photographers. Colvin recently received the Photographic Craftsman degree from Professional Photographers of America (PPA) @imagingusa. The Photographic Craftsman degree is an achievement of the highest caliber, meaning she has met the standards of excellence set by PPA. She received the degree in recognition of her service to the photographic profession as an orator, author and mentor. Way to go, Tomayia! Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her work.

Gina Danza – @wildgina

Sony Brand Ambassador member Gina Danza is a photographer specializing in intimate landscapes. She gets up-close with nature, dissecting her art to understand botany and sharing her colorful behind-the-scenes as a creative. She’s also a television and content producer, writer and host. She created her own Instagram series to educate her audience about plants and the biodiversity of our world. Read more about it in Botany Bites: See How This Creator Uses Her Nature Photography To Educate and catch an episode below. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her work and to see where her many talents take her next!

Terrence Drysdale – @tjdrysdale

Sony Brand Ambassador Terrence Drysdale is a Florida-based professional fine art photographer and artist. He approaches photography using natural light to create ethereal images that are reminiscent of fairy tales. His creative style strives to showcase a moment frozen in time where the subject is searching for something, be it physical, spiritual or mental. Majestic castles, flowing winds and dreamy vibes grace his images and photos on Instagram, and you can learn more of his ways in his tutorials and presets on his website. See an example below and follow his account for more.

Jermaine Horton – @jermainehortostudios

Sony Artisan Jermaine Horton is a Chicago-based wedding, portrait and sports photographer. The award-winning creative is also the president and founder of @theartofconfidenceproject, a photo project that empowers and restores the confidence of our youth. His passion for telling others' stories has garnered him clients throughout the country, as he enjoys creating dynamic images via off-camera and natural lighting. He's even opened his own studio space – @thestudio_28. See more of his imagery below and follow him on Instagram to keep up with his latest work.

Steven Irby – @stevesweatpants

Sony Brand Ambassador Steven Irby is a street photographer based in New York City and the co-founder of @streetdreamsmag. He says he's "obsessed" with black and white street photography, and as you scroll through his Instagram you'll see the obsession come into play. His black and white street photography brings even more attention to the authentic moments he captures in New York City and beyond. See some of his imagery and watch the video below for some of his tips on shooting in black and white.

Dane Isaac – @dane.isaac

Sony Brand Ambassador Dane Isaac is a New York City-based commercial, portrait and street photographer. Originally hailing from the Isle of Spice, Grenada, a country with a fascinating history and deep culture, his upbringing has shaped his view on the world and how it is then translated through his work. He focuses on the usage of light and storytelling well known for capturing strong emotions with his camera. He's also the co-owner of @betweenspace.studio and you. can follow him on Instagram to keep up with his work.

Kesha Lambert – @keshalambert

Sony Artisan Kesha Lambert is a wedding, portrait brand and travel photographer. Her fascination with visual storytelling and love has inspired her photography career with a focus in weddings. Her images tell the story of the day through poses, light, background, composition and more. Her work has been in many national and international magazine, as she sets the bar for documenting a wedding day at the highest level.

Greg Noire – @gregnoire

Sony Brand Ambassador Greg Noire is an award-winning live music and portrait photographer. The images he takes during concerts and festivals fully capture the energy of the moment, putting you right there in the action. His work has been featured all over and in 2022 he was the winner of the @abbeyroadstudios Music Photography Award. Music lovers everywhere, make sure you follow Noire on Instagram to see how he somehow captures on camera what we hear with our ears.

Eli Reed – @elireedmagnum

Sony Artisan Eli Reed is a photojournalist whose career has spanned over five decades. He was the first Black photographer to join the legendary photo collective Magnum Photos in 1982 and he is a Clinical Professor of Photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin. Reed’s first two personal photography book project essays were, “Beirut, City of Regrets” and “Black in America” both published by W. W. Norton. He continues to shoot photojournalism projects all over the world. Below we see what he calls his most meaningful image of 2023. Learn more about the legendary photographer in the video below and see more of his work here.

Tobi Shinobi – @tobishinobi

Sony Brand Ambassador Tobi Shinobi is based between Chicago and London and specializes in street and architecture photography. His love for creating and storytelling has led to his starring in an award winning documentary, “I Take Photos” and his first solo photo book, Equilibrium. Follow him on Instagram and then see Tobi as one of the featured photographers in the Light Speed video from the launch of the Sony Alpha 9 III below.

Shauna Wade – @so.shauna

Sony Brand Ambassador Shauna Wade is a travel, lifestyle and street photographer in New York and New Jersey. She is also the founder of @moodygrams and @moodyports. Her imagery is both simplistic and moody in nature, featuring the views from her travels and street ventures. Her passion for photography shines through in her work, and she's an excellent follow on Instagram.


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